Three more suspects arrested in relation with the LeBaron massacre


Another three alleged members of the La Línea criminal group, seemingly related to the LeBarón family attack, were arrested last Thursday by Mexico Attorney General’s Office (FGR) with help from elements from the National Guard, the Navy, and the Army.

They are Carlos “V,” Javier “C,” and Fidel “V,” the latter is the current chief of Public Security in the municipality of Janos, Chihuahua, who is linked to La Línea, which is considered the armed branch of the Juárez Cartel. Until now, seven persons have been arrested in relation to the massacre of nine members of the LeBarón and Langford families.

Did you know the Chihuahua’s Head of Public Security was arrested in connection with the LeBarón massacre?

According to investigations, the chief of Public Security would be an active element of La Línea in Janos who, through his personnel, provides security to the members of the criminal group. It is known that he is being investigated by U.S. federal authorities.

The FGR informed that the corresponding investigations, carried out by the Federal Public Prosecutor, with help from the Federal Ministerial Police (PFM), the National Defense Ministry (Sedena), Mexico’s Navy Ministry (Semar), the Citizen Security and Protection Ministry, the National Guard, and the National Intelligence Center, allowed a District Judge Specialized on the Adversarial Penal System from the State of Mexico’s Federal Criminal Justice Center, based on Almoloya de Juárez, to issue the arrest warrants against Carlos “V,” Javier “C,” and Fidel “V” for their probable accountability of the offense of organized crime for means of crimes against health and whichever crimes result from the mentioned acts.

Subsequently, the FGR said, and after carrying out the initial hearing where the judge declared their arrest legal and ruled mandatory preventive custody for the accused.

The FGR mentioned that the Control ordered the accused to be held in custody and gave four months for the complementary investigation.

In November, federal authorities arrested Hector Mario Hernández and his brother Luis Manuel, who are currently under arrest in Mexico City, despite several manifestations were done to point out they were scapegoats.

The FGR mentioned that more information on the legal situation of the other four persons arrested will be reported. Until now, seven persons have been linked to this attack.