Volaris in the world’s Top 10 safest airlines


Volaris was recognized by the Airlineratings.com site as one of the safest airlines in the world, a position that places it as the safest ultra-low-cost in Latin America.

Airlineratings.com is the most accredited site for the evaluation and qualification of safety products in the aviation industry, which performs this evaluation taking into account a wide range of factors including audits of government agencies and the aviation industry; registration of serious incidents and accidents; profitability, industry-leading security initiatives, and fleet age.

José Luis Suárez, Chief Operating Officer of Volaris, said: “Appearing again among the safest airlines of Airlineratings.com revalidates our commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards in our operation,” he also thanked all of his aeronautical technical staff for their dedication and effort, and reiterated its commitment to safety and service. 

It should be noted that Volaris has the approval of the strict Operational Safety Audit of the International Air Transport Association (IOSA).

Full Listing:

  • Air Arabia (United Arab Emirates)
  • Flybe (England)
  • Frontier (United States)
  • HK Express (Hong Kong)
  • IndiGo (India)
  • JetBlue (United States)
  • Volaris (Mexico)
  • Vueling (Spain)
  • Westjet (Canada)
  • Wizz (Hungary)

Source: nitu

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