Septic tanks contaminate Merida’s drinking water


Experts say Merida’s phreatic mantle is contaminated by more than 300,000 septic tanks; they stated that it is urgent to solve this problem.

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According to an expert in environmental sciences, in Yucatan, there is a serious contamination of the water table, since there is no control of the more than 300,000 septic tanks inside the city of Merida.

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The president of the College of Graduates in Environmental Sciences and Biotechnology of the Southeast, Salvador Castell, said that many people do not even know where the septic tanks are in their homes.

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Due to the contamination of the subsoil, authorities have been forced to drill deeper to obtain water, saying that there is no sanitation in the source of the vital liquid.

Part of the garbage that contaminates the lagoon. (Photo: Kamila Chomicz)

The expert noted that the lack of drainage or biological waste treatment system favors the accumulation of organic matter and creates highly contaminating toxic environments.

He added that this problem is also associated with garbage, because with the exception of Merida, which has a sanitary landfill, all municipalities transfer their waste to open dumps.

Source: The Yucatan Times

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