Chinese do not come to vacation to BCS; it is remote that coronavirus affects tourism say, Hoteliers


Due to the scarce tourism of China in Baja California Sur, businessmen see the arrival of the epidemic very remote

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La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). The president of the Association of Hotel and Tourism Companies of La Paz (Emprhotur), Agustín Olachea Nogueda said that the possibility that the coronavirus epidemic affects Baja California Sur is very remote.

“Look, fortunately, it is very far from us, because that is an issue for what are the authorities that are sanitary, unfortunately, we are very far from that market, the Chinese do not come to Baja California Sur, ” he said.

For his part, the businessman stressed the importance of the management that the health authorities give to the situation, so as not to repeat the mistakes of 2019 when the influenza epidemic put Mexico in quarantine.

We made a serious mistake, that is to say how the epidemic was handled with Calderón, if they tell you that it was a mistake to handle the insecurity, the flu was worse, put the country in quarantine and remove the stigma during a year, very poorly managed, ”he said. 

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Finally, Olachea Nogueda pointed out that it has no air connectivity with China, in addition to that it is a market with which there is practically no connection, unlike the United States and Canada: “There is no such connection as there can be with Americans, Canadians, there they have a major problem

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