La Unión Tepito leader “El Lunares” is immediately arrested after second release


On Friday Feb. 14th, in a hearing that lasted for over two and a half hours, a Control Judge determined the release, for the second time in a row, of Óscar Andrés Flores, a.k.a. “El Lunares,” leader of La Unión Tepito.

According to the defense, the crime for which “El Lunares” was accused “never existed” and hailed the judge for releasing him.

Lawyer Arturo Toscano explained that it was clear in the hearing that authorities had “invented” evidence for the deprivation of liberty crime since the alleged victim mentioned in the investigation file declared that he had not denounced “El Lunares” and that the information presented by Mexico City authorities corresponded to him but that the photograph did not. In addition, with legal guidance, he asked the Control Judge for justice for he had been a victim of identity theft.

“The alleged victim came to say and ratify that he had never been kidnapped, that he had never denounced a kidnap, that he had never gone to authorities, and that the ID that was presented was not his,” said the lawyer.

Previously, the suspect had been arrested outside the prison located in Almoloya de Juárez in the State of Mexico. That day, cameras of EL UNIVERSAL showed elements of Mexico City’s Attorney General’s Officer who were in front of the prison.

When Flores came out of the prison, agents of the Investigation Police met him, read his rights, and told him there was a valid arrest warrant against him for the crime of deprivation of personal liberty in the modality of aggravated express kidnapping.

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After the hearing that ordered the immediate release of “El Lunares,” Mayoress Claudia Sheinbaum considered that it is unbelievable for there has to be a joint commitment between Mexico City’s government and Mexico City’s Judicial Power.

“It is unbelievable, unprecedented that a judge has released a criminal with minor arguments. Security and justice are only possible with the commitment of the three powers, that is why the revision of this and other cases by Mexico City’s Judicial Power is necessary,” wrote Sheinbaum on her Twitter account.

However, 12 hours after his release was ordered, “El Lunares” was arrested, for the third time in a row, but this time for the crime of homicide, reason why he will be moved to Reclusorio Oriente.

Around 03:40 a.m. of February 15, elements of the Investigation Police completed an arrest warrant against the leader of La Unión Tepito just as he crossed the last grill of the customs area of Reclusorio Norte.


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