Nine tips for your next trip to Mexico

  1. Use registered taxis, which are typically gold and maroon. Many hotels offer free transportation because of the problems with unauthorized cabs. Hotels will also call a cab for you.
  2. Avoid hucksters at the airport or any tourist destination.
  3. Don’t wear valuable watches or jewelry while you’re on vacation. In addition, keep your tech gadgets in your bag or a pocket. Don’t walk around with your nose buried in your smartphone.
  4. Stay alert and know your surroundings.
  5. Carry a little bit of local cash with you. If you do get money from an ATM, put it out of sight immediately.
  6. Keep your important documents in the hotel safe.
  7. Watch what you’re wearing and how you look. Flip-flops and shorts practically scream tourist. Use good judgment about how you’re dressed and how you appear.
  8. Talk to the hotel clerk or concierge about places you should avoid and tips for being safe in the area. They want your stay to be enjoyable and comfortable, and they know the specific community.
  9. Get money out of your money belt in a private place, such as the restroom.

Traveling to another country has its risks and rewards. Following good travel protocol can help the rewards outweigh the risks. You might stand out, but you can be safe. Stay at a City Express hotel, where we can direct you to the best tourist spots in the city to get a feel for the local flavor.

The Mazatlan Post