Mexico and United States ratify commitment to combat illegal arms trafficking


The governments of Mexico and the United States ratified their decision to advance and consolidate joint cooperation to combat illegal arms trafficking between the two countries.

For this purpose, the head of the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection (Sspc), Alfonso Durazo, met with the US ambassador to Mexico, Christopher Landau; and the interim director of the Office of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Regina Lombardo.

The US official said that in her country they continue working to stop this illicit traffic: “I have already met with the CBP (US Customs and Border Protections), we are in constant communication, we are also much closer to society in the border region, to share information about the traces we have in the United States, we have a work force in full operation, but it is also important to work in coordination with Mexican authorities. ”

For its part, the head of the Sspc said that coordinated work is essential to seal the common border and stop the illegal traffic of arms: “I believe that by ratifying this commitment, this provision, this spirit that we also receive from the attorney general, and from all North American authorities, particularly the ambassador, we can improve the results and come up with a model that is really effective to combat arms trafficking. ”

The Mazatlan Post