Fashionist 10-piece packing list for a Mexican Vacation


What to pack? 10-Piece Packing List If you’re heading south to Mexico, Travel Fashion Girl gives you a 1-Week packing list for vacation with just 10 pieces of clothing!

3 Tops

For your packing list for vacation in Mexico, pack three comfortable yet chic tops you can dress up with jeans or a skirt. Play with your travel outfits to make sure your tops are interchangeable with the rest of your travel wardrobe. Choose bright colors for tops and neutrals for the bottoms for an easy way to mix and match your travel outfits.

3 Bottoms

Jeans: Surprised to see them on a packing list for vacation? A pair of jeans is the perfect addition to your Mexico packing list. You can wear them on the plane, on cooler days, to explore, and dress them up at night. If you want something more rugged, go with cargo pants.

Skirt: Dressed up or down, a skirt allows you to create multiple outfits just by changing your top. Choose a versatile skirt that you can wear in town, for dinner, or at the beach.

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Shorts: Whether denim shorts or something more dressy, a pair of shorts is a must for your packing list for vacation to a beach destination. They’re easy to wear and can usually be worn several days without a wash. Choose a length that’s most comfortable for your style.

 3 Dresses

Sun Dress: Nothing is better than slipping into an easy, lightweight sun dress for a day out. Add a scarf for extra coverage and style if you leave the beach area. Respecting the local culture should always be a priority when traveling.

Maxi Dress: A maxi dress in a light fabric keeps you cool and can be worn in different settings, like if you choose to venture further inland in the Yucatan.

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Cocktail Dress: The dress you choose for your packing list for vacation to Mexico can be a basic cotton LBD that can be dressed up or down, or a sexy number you picked out especially for your vacation. You want something you feel comfortable wearing out to dinner and on the dance floor.

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1 Outerwear Item

While the Riviera Maya coast doesn’t get extremely cold, I did experience many chilly evenings while living abroad in Playa del Carmen last year. I’d definitely suggest you add to your packing list for vacation a light sweater, cardigan, or even blazer for the nights.

Choose a neutral color that goes with everything!

2-3 Pairs of Shoes

Heels and/or Dressy Sandals: Nightlife in the Yucatan–in particular Cancun and Playa del Carmen–requires a dressier look, including nice shoes; the relaxed Southeast Asia look isn’t gonna fly. Many backpackers I met during my stay bought nicer clothing while they were here.

If you’re on vacation, add a sexy pair of heels to your packing list for Mexico. However, if you’re on an extended trip, nice flat sandals work, too. A pair of dressier sandals is a must, especially by the beach where heels aren’t convenient at some bars and restaurants.

Travel Fashion Girl

Flip Flops: A must in every travel bag and on every packing list for vacation, these are essential if you’re hitting the beach. I like these cute iPANEMA hybrid styles that don’t look like the same old flip flops.

You can find iPANEMA in several shoe stores on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen–that’s where I first spotted them! Depending on the style and material, if you’re a Minimalista and you only choose one pair of shoes on a quick trip to the Yucatan, these are a good choice.

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