Video: Tijuana’s largest-ever condo tower nears completion with prices over 1 million USD


The Sayan Campestre tower will include 103 luxury condos with prices typically unseen in the Mexican city

Tijuana’s newest condo tower is so exclusive, most San Diegans can’t afford it.

Construction on Tijuana’s largest-ever building Sayan Campestre, at 404 feet, is close to completion after 2 1/2 years. Perhaps more remarkable than its height is its price tag with condos reaching $1.35 million.

For that price, buyers will get a considerable number of amenities, including a restaurant and bar only for residents. They also will get 24-hour security, which includes an extensive camera network and a system where guests need to register ahead of a visit.

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Sayan Campestre is one of five major condo projects opening in the Mexican city this year, totaling around 330 residential units.

Tijuana has been awash in new condos since about 2016 when developers returned with gusto after years of little to no residential construction. The building has led to a major transformation of the city’s skyline, which only had a handful of buildings taller than 10 stories just 20 years ago. Developers and buyers have not shied away from the city even as high crime and murder numbers dominate much of the discussion around Tijuana.

The $40 million, 34-story Sayan complex is arguably one of the most ambitious projects since the building boom began, and required considerable manpower — roughly 500 workers a day — and meant looking outside of Tijuana for help.

Developer Sayan, based in Nayarit, shipped in workers from all over Mexico — primarily Puebla, Acapulco and Chiapas — and is paying their rent in East Tijuana.

Sayan estimates the tower will be completed in May with the first residents moving in around June. Most of the condos have already sold but there are 23 units available that vary in price. Two bedrooms at 1,646 square feet run for around $495,000 and three bedrooms — 1,872 to 2,411 square feet — cost $595,000 to $775,000.

The most expensive are 3,896-square-feet units that cost $1.35 million and come with three bedrooms, and an extra smaller room for a housekeeper. Many of the more expensive units have elevators that go directly to individual condos from the lobby.

Design director Karen Lagos said last week that the beauty of the project is residents don’t need to leave if they don’t want to. There is a bar and restaurant that is only for residents, a salon, two-story gym, a clubhouse for private events, pet yard, daycare for children, a private clubhouse for events and outdoor common areas.

Lagos was raised in Tijuana, and said she loves the city, but admits life at Sayan Campestre seems like a different world from the busy Mexican city just outside its doors.

“You feel like you are somewhere else,” she said.

All condos face the exclusive Club Campestre golf course, creating a view of green space in the dense city. Owning a condo in the Sayan tower does not mean automatic access to the golf course, but the developer said most of the people who have bought condos are already members.

Views in higher units, and from the 21st-floor pool and spa area, stretch all the way to San Diego with Cabrillo National Monument and downtown visible on a clear day.

Inside the showroom of Sayan Campestre. Kitchen area in the background is the Campestre golf course. Sayan Campestre in Tijuana nears completion. It is the tallest building in the city’s history at 403.5 feet.

Living room decoration with a master bedroom in the background. Sayan Campestre in Tijuana nears completion.

Dining table next to the kitchen, in the background is the Campestre golf course. Sayan Campestre in Tijuana nears completion.

Master bedroom walk-in closet. Sayan Campestre in Tijuana nears completion.

It is the tallest building in the city’s history

One of three showroom bedrooms

One of three showroom bedrooms

Sayan Campestre

A maids room.

On the 21st floor of Sayan Campestre construction around the pool area.

Construction workers on scaffolding at the plaza level of Sayan Campestre.

21st floor of Sayan Campestre. Construction worker on scaffolding works on the celling above the pool area.

The dining table next to the kitchen, in the background, is the Campestre golf course.

Living room decoration with master bedroom in the background.

Construction workers on scaffolding at the plaza level of Sayan Campestre.

A construction worker carrying a bucket at the plaza level of Sayan Campestre.

Kitchen area.

Cocktail table.

Sayan Campestre in Tijuana nears completion.

20/Construction workers working on outdoor bars at the plaza level of Sayan Campestre.

The views of the Campestre golf course from the plaza level of Sayan Campestre.

Construction workers around the pool area.

Construction workers on scaffolding work on the ceiling above the pool area.

pool area.

Sayan Campestre in Tijuana nears completion.

From the plaza level of Sayan Campestre looking up. Sayan Campestre in Tijuana nears completion.

Javier Michel Payan Mendez, a manager with Tijuana-based financial firm Unifin Financiera, said it’s possible that only 2 percent of residents could afford to live in Sayan Campestre. But, he said it is worth noting that the economy in Tijuana is doing well and there are cheaper options for workers there.

Unemployment in Baja California was 2.4 percent in the fourth quarter of 2019, one of the lowest in Mexico, said the country’s national statistics institute. Growth has come from Tijuana’s large manufacturing sector and American businesses relocating there. Tijuana’s workforce expanded to 745,976 by the end of 2019, said the Baja California-based Centro Metropolitano de Información Económica y Empresarial, up 14 percent since the end of 2015.

Mendez, a former Tijuana economic promotion director, said the new businesses have brought with them affluent people who are looking for what places like Sayan Campestre have to offer.

Prices for condos in Tijuana this year range from $130,000 to more than $400,000, but it is possible future developments could have more price options. Compared to past years, there are not as many condos opening this year. But, there are many more projects in the pipeline.

Two of the biggest upcoming projects are Landmark, previously called Bajalta, which has plans for 580 condos, and nearby Plaza Toreo with 456 condos.

Sergio Gonzalez, a business developer for real estate company Probien, said the future of both residential and office development looks bright because many Mexican developers are flocking to Tijuana.

He said developers from Mexico City, Monterrey and other places are struggling with red tape and political issues in areas they have worked for years, making Tijuana seem like a great place to make projects happen.

Despite some perception of foreigners buying up all the property, Americans are a small part of the market. They make up 2 to 10 percent of the residential buyers, depending on who you ask.

The construction of Sayan Campestre unseats the NewCity Diamond Tower as the new tallest building in the city by about 70 feet. The Diamond Tower was constructed in 2008 and is part of the NewCity development, which will have a new medical plaza opening soon that is 387 feet and will become the second tallest building in the city.

For 26 years, the tallest buildings in the city were the two skyscrapers of the Grand Hotel Tijuana, at 295 feet.

Other projects opening this year:

Resultado de imagen de Life tijuana

Life: A complex across the street from Sayan Campestre with 45 condos averaging $130,000. There is only one condo left for sale. The 11-story building is set to be completed in April. The Cosmopolitan Group project ran into a disagreement during construction over use of a road near the project frequented by students but agreed to make improvements to a walking path as a compromise. Amenities include a gym, clubhouse, and appliances, such as a fridge, oven and combined washer and dryer.

Resultado de imagen de Nivel Diez

Nivel Diez: Another high-end project, units in this two-tower complex average $400,000. Situated atop a hill in the Chapultepec neighborhood, views include most of Tijuana far off into the mountains and into San Diego County from most of the units. The first 36-unit tower opened in summer last year and the second tower, also 36 units, will open this summer. Amenities include a pool, gym, game room, outdoor gathering places, playground, clubhouse, and reception.

Resultado de imagen de Villagrán tijuana

Villagrán: This five-story building has 25 units in the Cacho neighborhood ranging from $160,000 to $296,000. Amenities include an outdoor gathering area with a fire pit, barbecue and area for children to play.

Resultado de imagen de Levant Campestre

Levant Campestre: This 120-unit condo complex is also next to Club Campestre de Tijuana and has units averaging $200,000. Amenities include a movie theater, game room, pool and hot tub, gym, a court for playing soccer or other sports and a kitchen for events.


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