Shops in Loreto BCS are still open with precautions being taken


One of the main recommendations is that in the establishments there are not more than ten at a time

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Loreto, Baja California Sur.- In order to provide greater safety and health care to all citizens, businesses, and companies, they must adopt the hygiene measures recommended by the health authorities throughout the Municipality of Loreto, local authorities report, after making a call to be attentive to all the recommendations that are being issued by official sources.

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Following the indications given in the third session of the Municipal Health Council, the Secretary of Social Development and Economic Development, Mirna Arce Murillo, stressed that all businesses with food sales, hotels, bars, gyms, shopping centers, etc., of they will not be closed at this time.

In addition to the above, they invited them to have prevention measures such as, home service in case of food, avoiding crowds of no more than 10 people, use of hand washing and antibacterial gel, in their staff and visitors, as well as cleaning with disinfectants in their work areas or distribution of schedules in case of gyms.

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In addition, the secretary of social development and economic promotion, Mirna Arce Murillo emphasized that it is of utmost importance to avoid panic, derived that so far there are no cases registered in our Municipality, but to take prevention measures appropriately; and as it is in phase one of prevention, it is not necessary to close shops and avoid economic damage to local businesses.

We must be promoting support for the local economy of small and medium merchants, since we do not have any case of COVID-19 in the State, much less in our Municipality, we can still continue our activities by applying the corresponding prevention measures, he concluded by saying the municipal official, Mirna Arce Murillo.

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