Mexico needs to repatriate thousands of travelers stranded abroad


Mexico’s Foreign Affairs Ministry (SRE) calculates that nearly 8,000 Mexicans will be repatriated during the COVID-19 international emergency with the help of the National Migration Institute (INM) and the National Defense Ministry (SEDENA).

In a statement, the SRE stressed that only in the last three days, the Mexican government brought back to the country a total of 576 Mexicans from Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, and Cuba.

In the official report, it added that it sent chárter airplanes to Colombia and Ecuador, from where 62 and 53 Mexicans were repatriated correspondingly, as well as from Peru, where it guaranteed a safe return to 299 fellow citizens.

By land, the SRE repatriated 28 Mexicans from Guatemala since that country has closed all commercial air operations. On Saturday, the SEDENA helped in the return of 134 Mexicans who were stranded in that country.

“Repatriations have been done with strict fulfillment of security and health regulations, both in the countries of origin as well as in the arrival in Mexico.”

“Mexico’s government keeps assisting and helping Mexican people abroad that are affected by the current travel restrictions and makes a call for them to keep in touch with the network of embassies and consulates,” said the SRE.

The SRE added that, in the regions where there are still commercial flight options, like Europe, “we have given guidance to Mexican people abroad and we are working on easing the transit and connections.

“We will keep exploring all the possibilities for people to return home and, given the case it is not possible in the short term, for them to have access to local options during the contingency,” explained the SRE.

In the document, the SRE also thanked authorities from the countries that authorized the operations for the return of Mexicans and acknowledged that the environment “is increasingly complex due to the coronavirus pandemic in the world.”

On Saturday, Mexico sent a SEDENA airplane from Mexico City to La Habana, Cuba to help a group of Mexicans stranded on the island due to the pandemic.

The aircraft also took 49 Cubans from Mexico to Cuba and who wanted to return to their homeland.

The flight was done according to the corresponding international health measures and controls to prevent any infection.

On April 1, with the help of the SRE and SEDENA, two airplanes from Mexico’s Air Force arrived in Mexico City’s International Airport with 280 Mexicans from Argentina.

Upon their arrival, all the Mexicans who were stranded in Argentina followed the corresponding health measures to detect if any of them tested positive for COVID – 19.

Mexico’s Foreign Affairs Ministry (SRI) revealed that as of April 14, a total of 9,297 Mexicans have been repatriated from different parts of the world due to the spread of COVID-19.

There are still 2,842 Mexicans who are still seeking to return to our country.

The SRE said that on April 11, 40 Mexicans who were stranded in Medellín, Colombia was able to return to Mexico; in addition, there were 5 Mexicans set to return from India via the U.S.

Source: El Universal

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