If they can’t justify an essential reason for not being at home

The governor of Nayarit, Antonio Echevarría, has decided to go further with the measures for the health contingency and announced that a forced quarantine is imposed throughout the state, under threat of arrest for those who do not comply with this new indication.

In a video uploaded to his Facebook, he indicated a series of measures to be taken by his government in the context of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, but among these actions is the forced quarantine.

“We are going to have a strong hand, a firm hand (…) in the next two weeks that follow, we will not allow people on the street who are not justified. Whoever is on the streets without a valid reason, will be accompanied by the security authority to his home. And listen well: and if they resist, they will take you to the cells, ”he said in a video uploaded to his Facebook account.

He also pointed out that if the law has to be modified to make these arrests possible, it will be done, because “it is about saving lives.”

Likewise, people who are found throwing parties will have a 72-hour arrest.

These measures are announced after the government of Nayarit first announced a “Hoy no circula” program similar to the one in Mexico City, in order to reduce the movement of people by car and thus discourage people from leaving.

However, as the measure was unpopular, the governor backed down and decided to reverse this project. “I am a governor who listens, and we were wrong,” he acknowledged.

“We are not going to carry it out (it does not circulate), they are decisions that we sometimes make to save lives in this case. (…) Although in this law we were wrong because we believed that it would work because what we want is that people do not walk on the street, not cars. And here what is asked is responsibility ”, said the president.


According to Antonio Echevarría, the governor of Nayarit, for the next 15 days no one with a real urgency or a valid reason to be outside will be allowed to be in the streets, and the local Police Office, working side to side with the Mexican National Guard and the Army, will be in charge of the fulfillment of this new measure.

The governor was very clear when he announced, “We are going to have a ‘strong hand’ here. In the next 2 weeks to follow, we will not allow people in the streets that do not have a real reason to be outside. If they do so, the police will escort them home. But if they resist going home, then they will have to be jailed”.

Nayarit is the neighboring state of Jalisco, to the North. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the border is the big Ameca River, when you cross the bridge, you enter to Nayarit’s land. The immediate space after crossing America is known as the municipality of Banderas Bay (Bahía de Banderas).

If you are planning to go to Bahía de Banderas, keep your documents with you to justify the ride, but if you do not have a real reason, keep yourself at home. To this moment, Nayarit officially reports 33 cases of Coronavirus and 5 deaths.


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