Mexican dies of Covid19 in Canada; outbreak affects 85 farm workers


A 31-year-old Mexican farmworker has lost his life after being diagnosed with Covid19 in Windsor-Essex County, Ontario. According to staff in charge of Woodside Greenhouses Inc., the worker tested positive on May 23 and was held in isolation. Last Saturday, May 30, he was taken to the hospital after presenting breathing difficulties. He passed away after 30 minutes of being hospitalized. The Mexican consulate works with the family of the deceased for the repatriation of the body.

Furthermore, a Covid19 outbreak in Vittoria, Ontario has left at least 85 Mexican farmworkers infected, 8 of them hospitalized. The figure could increase as the results of 132 more workers are still awaited. 

The outbreak took place at the Scotlynn Sweetpac company that produces corn, watermelons, asparagus, pumpkins, among others. The affected facilities have suspended activities and all workers are quarantined in individual hotel rooms, according to the Mexican consulate.

This Monday it was announced that the province of Ontario registered 404 new cases of Covid19, which represented an increase of 1.5%. Premier Doug Ford noted that the increase is mainly due to an outbreak among migrant workers, most of them from Mexico.

“The numbers went up to 404 cases, one of the reasons they went up is that 81 migrant workers in southwestern Ontario tested positive,” said the premier.

The ruler added that they will increase the tests among workers to guarantee the safety of these people.

“But what we can do is go in and do tests frequently. I think it is critical that we do it first, we will do a test and then we will do another test in another week and then we will continue the tests to keep those people safe and to keep the food supply chain safe as well, ”he added.


The Mazatlan Post