Italian Expat Caught On Video In Attack On Woman In Ixtapa Zihuatanejo


Warning Disturbing content:

Both the Italian expats and his companion were identified as mother and son, residents of the Arrecifes neighborhood.

A subject of Italian nationality hit a woman from Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Costa Grande region of Guerrero, with a bat. Before the attack, the victim had surprised the subject while throwing garbage on the edge of the avenue.

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

According to Televisa News, the attack occurred on Paseo de Los Viveros avenue when two people got off a compact car, they appear to be elderly, a woman, and a man of foreign nationality.

They took out plastic bags full of garbage and threw them on the green areas of the neighborhood, what they did not expect is that a local woman was recording them. When they finally noticed, the subject intimidated the young woman with a bat and then hit her.

When attacked, the woman began to scream and fled. These people were identified as mother and son, residents of the Arrecifes subdivision in the seaside resort on the Guerrero coast.

Exchanging words on the man’s part was not enough, as the man opened the back door of his vehicle and took out a long wooden bat.

WTF?! Este loco agredió con un bat a una mujer que lo sorprendió ...

The images become blurred, however, the woman is heard screaming for help from nearby inhabitants.

The victim stated that the Italian “wanted to hit her with the bat “, while the furious man approached her and continued to throw insulting phrases such as “get the hell out of here.”

The video ends with the subject hitting the woman who videotaped him with the bat.


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