Video: Tricycle explodes during a religious pilgrimage in Tabasco


An unfortunate event occurred during a procession in Tabasco. A man died and son severely injured when his tricycle exploded

The events occurred during the procession of the Lord of Tila in the streets of the municipality of Macuspana in Tabasco.

As a result of this accident, a man died and his accompanying son was severely burned throughout the body.

The video was uploaded to social networks by the local Civil Protection Coordination.

In the video it can be seen how a van travels around the wheel with an image of the patron saint, religious songs of the faithful can be heard.

Followed by the truck is a tricycle in which a man launches pyrotechnics, however it is observed how the rocket launches and explodes in the same vehicle.

The victim was a 68-year-old man. Who lost a leg in the accident and died on the way to the hospital. His 11-year-old son was transferred to a Villahermosa hospital.


The Mazatlan Post