Interjet receives a strong injection of capital


In order to face the current situation imposed by the Covid-19 health emergency on the airline industry, Interjet strengthens its capitalization process and business plan, which will allow it to become the most important airline in Mexico.

The company undergoes a deep financial and commercial restructuring, its main objective being to become the most important airline in the country and continue offering the best service that characterizes Interjet.
Thanks to the recent capitalization it received, the company is reinforcing its operating plan. Since June 16, the restoration and expansion of its routes and frequencies began, which will continue gradually, first in national destinations and, later, in international ones, to the extent that travel restrictions are lifted in different countries.

Regarding its national routes, during the month of July Interjet will reestablish operations and add frequencies from Mexico City to Hermosillo, Culiacán, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Torreón, Oaxaca and Cancún.

Regarding international destinations, during the same month they will reestablish connection in:

  • Dallas
  • San Antonio
  • Houston

Additionally, during the month of August, it will expand its air offer to Los Angeles and Chicago.

The previous operations plan will be possible thanks to the reincorporation of Airbus aircraft into the company’s fleet, (without specifying the number of A320 family aircraft), which confirms the firm commitment to the country’s air connectivity to provide passengers the best service and contribute to the development of tourism activity, seriously affected by the effects of the pandemic.

It should be noted that for Interjet, the most important thing at the moment is to preserve the jobs of our collaborators, so, in common agreement with Section 15 of Interjet and the airline, it is pleasant to report that there will be no adjustment of personnel in the company, since the measures that were taken previously allowed maintaining the jobs of the 6,000 workers that make up the workforce.

The company appreciates all the support and willingness of its team of collaborators, which has enabled it to overcome the critical phase of the health emergency.

The Interjet family has been together for 14 years, which is our greatest strength. Today more than ever we must stay together, to enlarge the national airline industry and keep Mexican families connected. United we will fly higher.


The Mazatlan Post