Celebrations canceled in honor of the patron saint of San Cristobal de Las Casas


According to the 2020 celebrations board, the celebrations will be broadcast on the Facebook page ‘Temple of San Cristóbal Mártir’

San Cristobal de las Casa celebrations canceled

The 2020 celebration board of the temple of San Cristóbal Mártir, announced that the party in honor of the patron saint of San Cristóbal de Las Casas will be suspended due to the contingency by Covid-19.

As every year the temple of San Cristobalito was prepared to receive the faithful in the festivities, which begin after celebrating the Virgen del Carmen, however through social networks the board asked the inhabitants of San Cristóbal de Las Casas and from neighboring towns not to go to El Cerrito church.

According to the 2020 celebrations board, the celebrations will be broadcast on the Facebook page ‘Temple of San Cristóbal Mártir’, and that is that on July 19 they would celebrate the Driver’s Day festivity and on 25 the day of the patron saint.

On Driver’s Day, hundreds of people climb the summit of Cerro de San Cristóbal Mártir, located three blocks from the Iglesia de la Merced, between the neighborhoods of La Merced and San Antonio, to receive the blessing of their cars.

The drivers decorate the units with balloons and flowers, and on the pilgrimage they are accompanied by music and rockets, a sign of their fervor for the patron saint of San Cristóbal de Las Casas.

On July 25 the temple dresses up for a party, the hill is illuminated with rockets, the music does not stop playing and visitors enjoy one of the most important festivities in the Magic Town.

San Cristóbal Mártir in el Cerrito

They will celebrate Saint Christopher the Martyr online

The Board in charge of the celebrations in honor of San Cristóbal Mártir in Cerrito de San Cristóbal de Las Casas, reported that due to the declaration of health contingency, this year the festivities in honor of the Patron Saint San Cristóbal will not take place Martyr as it has been done every year from July 13 to 25.

They expressed that the masses will be broadcast live on the Internet on Sunday 19 (Driver’s Day), as well as Saturday 25, when the Patron saint’s festival takes place at times that have yet to be confirmed.

The organizers of the celebration expressed that the Temple will remain closed until further notice, so they called on drivers in their day to avoid going up with units in the hill of San Cristóbal, as well as parishioners since there will be no activities.

San Cristobal de las Casas

Finally, they thanked for the understanding of the drivers and all the Catholic faithful, trusting that Saint Christopher the Martyr will protect everyone in these difficult times of pandemic that is being experienced in the world.


In Mexico each neighborhood has its party, usually in honor of the patron saint of the neighborhood, traditional festivals usually last two to three days. At parties, parades with costumes and floats usually take place or the statue of the saint is brought out onto the street. The festivities begin with the “announcement”, a collective cry in honor of the saint, sic “Long live the Virgin of the Assumption, Assumption, ra ra ra”. The announcement of the party begins with the sound of the bells, along with songs and a mass.

On the second day of the festivities the matins are celebrated , a special mass in honor of the saint in which the ostias are not consumed and the change or dressing of the saint is carried out. At midday there is a burning of fireworks and bombs accompanied by music and panzudos , the latter are participants disguised as clowns who follow the procession of the allegorical cars through the main streets of the neighborhood, arriving at the church square, they and the Companions of the procession are offered a pumpkin candy and the children, sweets. Clowns and other companions usually drink posh, a corn cane brandy, during their tour.

On the main day from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon, there is traditional religious music , played with instruments such as the guitar, violin and harp. Then the rosary and a greater mass are made. At night there is a burning of castles and little bulls , which are made of cardboard and fireworks, the burning takes place in the neighborhood square.

Every night there are two groups that play music, one is marimba and the other some keyboard player, both play (cumbia and banda), while in the church square, you can find stalls where they sell chalupas, empanadas, tacos, pastelitos (different types of traditional breads), cotton, tanned, mistela, fruit punch or pineapple with bread .

Fiestas and Traditions in San Cristóbal

Fiestas and Traditions in San Cristóbal

Fiestas and Traditions in San Cristóbal

Fiestas and Traditions in San Cristóbal

Fiestas and Traditions in San Cristóbal

Important festivals in San Cristobal de las Casa

Foundation of the city and festival of San Cristobal de las Casas

San Cristóbal is a place full of life to observe some of the most traditional festivals and celebrations in Mexico, such as Easter, Day of the Dead and the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. In San Cristóbal you can also participate in unique cultural events and regional festivals loaded with local folklore. Two of the most important annual festivals in San Cristóbal are the celebration of the founding of the city , which takes place on March 31 and the Fiesta de San Cristóbal, which takes place from July 16 to 25 .

The Virgin of Guadalupe

Another festivity that is celebrated nationally is that of the Virgin of Guadalupe (December 1 to December 12) , whose celebration occupies, in addition to the church located on the hill, the entire tourist walker.

Schedule your visit during any of these festivities to enjoy fireworks, marimba bands, neighborhood parties, and other Chiapas traditions.

Spring and Peace Fair

Every April , San Cristóbal celebrates the arrival of spring with the Spring and Peace Fair. One of the largest local festivals and attractions in Chiapas, the Spring Festival includes parades, rides and competitions, concerts and cultural events.

Cervantes International Baroque Festival

The Cervantes International Baroque Festival, the most important in San Cristóbal, takes place every year in late October . During this week-long celebration, San Cristóbal’s cultural centers, theaters, and public spaces host a variety of concerts, dance performances, street theater, art exhibitions, food fairs, and much more.


One of the most fascinating traditions in Chiapas is the celebration of the Carnival that takes place in the neighboring town Tzotzil de San Juan Chamula. The Carnival in San Juan Chamula coincides with important dates of the ancient Mayan calendar. The week of festivities includes purification rituals unique to the village, such as running barefoot on burning branches. Taking photographs is generally not allowed during religious festivals and rituals in San Juan Chamula and other indigenous villages surrounding San Cristóbal.

Other important festivals are:

  • Cuxtitalli “Sweet Name of Jesus” (January 2),
  • La Garita “Santa Cruz” (May 3)
  • Mary Help of Christians (May 24)
  • San Antonio (June 13)
  • San Cristobalito (July 25)
  • Mexicans “Virgin Mary» (July 31 to August 18)
  • San Ramón (August 31)
  • Santo Domingo de Guzmán (August 8)
  • La Merced (September 24)
  • San Francisco (October 4)
  • Virgin of Charity (November 21)
  • San Diego (November 13)
  • Saint Lucia (December 13).

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