PVEM leads with 33 mayors in Chiapas; Morena stays with 26


Of 3 million 742 thousand 317 voters called to vote, in 120 municipalities the votes of 1 million 931 thousand 236 voters have been counted so far, which implies 61.9% of citizen participation.

Chiapas.- With citizen participation of 62% in Chiapas, according to the state electoral body, the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM) leads with 33 municipal presidencies, followed by Morena, with 26; 13 the Labor Party (PT); 10 the local political party Chiapas Unido, and 10 the PRI, PAN, PRD alliance.

Individually, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has six; that of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), five; the local political party Podemos Mover a Chiapas, seven; three the Solidarity Encounter Party (PES); Progressive Social Networks one, and Fuerza México one.

Of 3 million 742 thousand 317 voters called to vote, in 120 municipalities the votes of 1 million 931 thousand 236 voters have been counted so far, which implies 61.9% of citizen participation. About 90% of the minutes have been recorded.

“The PREP has 89% of the records captured. It will continue to receive and publish the rest of the minutes expected until 8 pm today, except those that are not counted due to having been violated in polls or in transfer to the councils ”, said Oswaldo Chacón Rojas, president counselor of the Elections Institute and Citizen Participation (IEPC).

He mentioned that from the data released by the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP) it is noted that citizen participation has been copious and exemplary. “More than 62% of citizens registered in the Nominal List went to the polls despite the health emergency, showing their commitment to democracy.”

And he added: “In any scenario, these results, although they are official, are not final. We will have to wait for the tallying session to be held on Wednesday at the headquarters of each of the municipal and district electoral councils ”.

Of the almost 120 municipal presidencies where there were elections, the PVEM stayed with Acacoyagua, Acapetahua, Altamirano, Amatan, Amatenango de la Frontera, Chenalhó, Chiapa de Corzo, Escuintla, Francisco León, Frontera Hidalgo, Huixtla, Ixtacomitán, Ixtapa, Jiquipilas, Juárez, Motozintla, Ocosingo, Palenque, El Porvenir, San Cristóbal de Las Casas,, San Fernando, San Lucas, Simojovel, Teopisca, Tila, Tumbala, Tzimol, Villacomaltitlán, Villacorzo, Villaflores, Yajalón, Aldama, Santiago El Pinar, Huehuetán and Comalapa border 

Morena took the mayoralties of Arriaga, Berriozabal, Cintalapa, Catazajá, Chalchihuitán, Chilón, Huituipán, La Independencia, Ixhuatán, Mapstepec, Nicolás Ruiz, Ocozocoautla, Pichucalco, Pijijiapan, Reforma, Sabanilla, Sitalá, Tinonalá, Tapachula La La , Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Unión Juárez, Montecristo and Capital Luis A. Vidal

Chiapas Unido won in Acala, Ángel Albino Corzo, Huehuetán, Jitotol, Mazapa de Madero, Osumacinta, Solosuchiapa, Suchiapa, Maravilla Tenejapa and Rincón Chamula.

The PRI won only six municipal presidencies: Amatenango del Valle, Chamula, San Andrés Larráinzar, San Juan Cancuc, Soyaló and Zinacantán. The PT: Bella Vista, Cacahoatán, Chiapilla, Chicomuselo, La Grandeza, Huixtán, Ixtapangajoya, Mazatán, Ocotepec, Socoltenango, Tuzantan, Benemerito de Las Américas and Marqués de Comillas.

The PRI, PAN, PRD alliance obtained: Bochil, Comitán, Copainalá, Chapultenango, Ostuacán, Pantepec, Las Rosas, Tapilula, Tecpatán and Tuxtla Chico; Move to Chiapas: El Bosque, Chanal, Chicoasén, Rayón, Salto de Agua, Tenejapa and San Andrés Duraznal.

The PRD won in Coapilla, Pantelhó, Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacán, Tapalapa and Totolapa. The PES in La Concordia, Las Margaritas and Sunuapa. Force Mexico only in Mitontic; Progressive Social Networks in Mezcalapa. And two independent candidates won in La Libertad and Metapa de Domínguez.

In Tuxtla Gutiérrez, licensed mayor Carlos Orsoé Morales Vázquez was re-elected to govern the state capital for another three years. With 71,627 votes, he prevailed over his closest PRI adversary, PAN, PRD, Willy Ochoa, who obtained 43,971 votes. Francisco Rojas Toledo, from the Citizen Movement, obtained 33 thousand 71 votes.

In Tapachula, Rosy Urbina, from Morena, obtained 22,057 votes over her closest adversary of the PRI alliance, PAN, PRD, who reached 9,438 votes.

In San Cristóbal de Las Casas, the mayoral election is very close: 9,962 (20.2% of the votes) for Mariano Díaz Ochoa, from PVEM, against 8,472 (17.2%) for Juan Salvador Camacho, from Morena. If this trend continues, Díaz Ochoa would be mayor for the third time. He is expected to contest second place.

In that municipality, Morena and Juan Salvador Camacho’s team accused the mayor of that political force, Jerónima Toledo, and his entire city council of “openly gambling” for the PVEM candidate and facilitating his electoral victory. 

Another close electoral contest was that of Jiquipilas. There, by 437 votes, the PVEM, with Hugo Lázaro, won the municipal presidency from its closest Morenoist contender, Yaneth Chiu.

In Palenque, the PVEM with Jorge Cabrera Aguilar prevailed with 17 thousand 226 votes over his closest adversary from the Chiapas Unido party, Francisco III Álvarez Sanen, who obtained 13 thousand 117.

Ocosingo, one of the largest territorial municipalities, was governed by Morena, but now the voters opted for the PVEM candidate, Gilberto Rodríguez de los Santos, with 38,466 votes, over the Morenoist Jesús Oropeza, who was seeking reelection, but he was left with 29,963 votes.

In La Concordia, the contest was very close: Miguel Ángel Córdova Ochoa, from the PES, obtained 8,363 votes over his closest political adversary, María Victoria Coutiño Monzón, who reached 7,656 votes of those counted so far.

In that municipality, the current mayor of the PVEM, Miguel Ángel Córdova Jr., will hand over the municipal post office to his father. Before that, there was another of his sons, Emmanuel Córdova, who received the courier from his father. This now goes through the second round of government. That is to say, four triennia of the same family governing that municipality.

In Comitan, Mario Antonio Guillén Domínguez, from the PRI, PAN, PRD alliance, obtained 15,302 votes over his closest adversary, Jorge Constantino Kanter de Morena, who obtained 9,886 votes. Guillén Domínguez, known there as ‘Señor Fox’, will govern Comitan for the second time.

One of the closest electoral contests to date is that of Huehuetán, where the PVEM candidate, José Manuel Ángel Villalobos, beat the Chiapas Unido candidate, Ladislao Juan González, by 56 votes. The first obtained 4,249 votes over the 4,193 votes of the second.

Source: proceso.com.mx

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