Increase security leads to 23 arrested in San Cristóbal de Las Casa


San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas- The Municipal Police Directorate reported that they arrested 18 people who committed an administrative offense, and four more were made available to the High District Prosecutor’s Office and the Indigenous Prosecutor’s Office.

In a press release, the corporation assures that everything is the result of the operations implemented such as the Escudo Titan and Rastrillo, where they toured more than 30 neighborhoods and neighborhoods, in addition to installing checkpoints in strategic places in the city.

“A checkpoint was installed on the road that leads to the municipality of Tenejapa, in which a total of 49 vehicles and 03 motorcycles were inspected, as well as 11 people, in addition to removing the tinting of 09 cars, in compliance with what is established by the current traffic regulations ”, they point out in the statement.

Likewise, they say that with Operation Rastrillo they continue to carry out patrols in the squares of Mexicanos, El Carmen, La Merced, San Francisco, San Antonio, Santa Martha, and Santa Lucía; in the Las Gardenias, Los Choferes, Erasto Urbina, and Emiliano Zapata colonies; the neighborhoods of Guadalupe and Las Cumbres; the Ciudad Real and Molino Las Rosas subdivisions, and the walkers 20 de Noviembre and Miguel Hidalgo, in the downtown area of ​​the city.

Finally, he highlighted that the security reinforcement strategy in San Cristóbal de Las Casas will continue to advance until the last minute of this administration, “joining forces with the three levels of government and, above all, with the active participation of citizens who, through their complaints, they allow to act with greater precision in the prevention of antisocial behaviors ”.


San Cristobal Post