Forrest Gump is bid farewell from San Cristobal de Las Casas


During his tour he has been approached by various media, where he explained that this activity was called the 360 ​​degree triathlon

Jonas Deichmann, an athlete of German origin, who is nicknamed the Forrest Gump for bringing the scene from the screen to real life

Chiapas.- Jonas Deichmann, an athlete of German origin, who is nicknamed the Forrest Gump for bringing the scene from the screen to real life, running for several days thousands of kilometers, has arrived in Chiapas after a journey throughout the world.

The 34-year-old European athlete arrived this Monday afternoon in this Coiteca city where he is expected to stay to rest and from there continue his route to the city of Cancun, Quintana Roo, which is his goal since it began. to run on June 10 in Tijuana, Baja California.

The runner and also a cyclist began his route throughout Baja California Norte and Sur, from there to go by sea to reach Sinaloa, where he continued his journey running, being admired and helped by every point where he arrives. Just last September 4, he arrived in Chiapas, in the coastal area of ​​Arriaga, where he has taken the highway route that connects to this city of Ocozocoautla.

During his tour he has been approached by various media, where he has explained that this activity was called the 360 degree triathlon, making it clear that it is not an adventure but that through his activity he raises funds for children in Africa.

He explained that for each kilometer traveled, an organization donates one euro to be able to buy bicycles for children from the African continent, who have to travel long distances to get to their school.

“I do it for two reasons. First, for me it is the purpose of adventure … I know that it will be something spectacular, something that I have never seen before in my life, and I also do it for children in Africa, because in small towns there are no schools many times and there is no transport public ”. said.

It is expected that he will take a break in this city and from there start his route this Tuesday, September 7, heading to Tuxtla Gutiérrez from 9:00 in the morning, preventing him from arriving in the capital around 2:00 p.m.

It is known that his final goal is Cancun, where upon arrival he will return to Portugal and from there move to his hometown, Germany, where he will take a break after several days running thousands of kilometers.

He mentioned that he has had the opportunity to try Mexican food and, as for tacos, he likes the carne asada and the grasshoppers that he tasted in Oaxaca. “They have told me about the food here, let’s hope to try something in the next city”; said.

Jonas, after many selfies, continued his run to Chiapa de Corzo, a place where we Chiapas hope to taste the zoque drink par excellence, pozol.

Before leaving Caña Hueca, he said “sport is a way of life for me, if I don’t do sports in a week I don’t feel good; sport is life for me ”.

The German athlete Jonas Deichmann, nicknamed “Forrest Gump”, left from San Cristóbal at 11:04 in the morning

The German athlete Jonas Deichmann, nicknamed “Forrest Gump”, left land in San Cristóbal at 11:04 in the morning for the city of Ocosingo, guarded by elements of the State Traffic Police, municipal and State Police.

At least a dozen athletes in this city accompanied Jonas Deichmann who is heading to his final destination after more than a year of jogging across the country.

It is estimated that there are approximately three months to go to cross Mexico, the race was called 360 degrees and has a purpose, that is, a race with a cause, for every kilometer it travels.

It is a European NGO that donates one euro per journey given to the neediest children in Africa.

Ramiro Rodríguez Tovilla, an inspector of the State Traffic in this region, said that he was accompanied as a service that provides “road safety service” from kilometer 21 to San Cristóbal, running with him more than 20 kilometers.


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