9 Natural wonders that you must visit in Chiapas


I recently had the opportunity to visit Chiapas and the truth is that I was delighted because there is too much to know from the cities, towns, their gastronomy, culture, archaeological zones, natural sites and more. A week is not enough to know everything that it keeps between its enormous and green mountains as if its peaks were caressing the sky, I would say that here is “Where God was completely inspired, leaving a unique scenario in the world.”


Of all the places that Chiapas has, there are some that for nothing in the world could escape us to visit. Why? Because they are simply extraordinary, with a beauty that makes you fall in love and fills your pupils with the purest nature, also because by enjoying these scenarios they make you forget everything. Yes of all!

So here I present 9 Natural Paradises that you have to know when going to Chiapas, you will surely fall in love like me:

1. The Sumidero Canyon


I had always wanted to know the Sumidero Canyon and now that I had the opportunity to visit it, I could say that its beauty and being there are more than I imagined. To travel it is done by means of a boat tour that we take at the Cahuaré jetty that is in  Chiapa de Corzo a Magical Town,  from here with the help of a guide we started the great journey but as we went deeper and deeper I could see how The walls of the canyon were growing until they reached an impressive height of more than a thousand meters, between these walls some caves were formed, figures like a seahorse and a Christ on the cross, of course, you had to use your imagination a little to appreciate it as such.


“Embarcadero Cahuare”


“Walls of the Sumidero Canyon: waterfalls, caves, Christ on the cross, sea horse”

Following the tour we could see some crocodiles in their full habitat and different species of birds; Another of the things that I admired about the Sumidero Canyon were the waterfalls that you can see in passing, but of all there is one that captivated me by its beauty, the shape it has and the way the waterfalls, this was the Tree of Waterfall.  Literal Christmas similar to a Christmas tree only giant and as if snow were falling on the top of the tree, it looks like this because of the white color that the water takes as it goes down hard.


“Waterfalls: Silver Thread and Christmas Tree”

canon animals

“Crocodiles and exotic birds in the Sumidero Canyon”

Pausing briefly, there is something that during the tour I did not like and more than displeasure it was an enormous sadness and impotence for me because in one part of the river we found an area where all the garbage that it dragged in its path was concentrated, And although there were people working to clean the water, if it causes that disappointment to see how we pollute natural areas, perhaps most of them paint you and speak beautifully but the reality is that you can also find this problem. It is not worth mentioning that we must be careful where we throw the garbage and respect for nature.


“Contamination in a part of the Sumidero Canyon”

Finally and after 42km of travel we arrive where the Sumidero Canyon National Park ends but only being part of the park since then comes the hydroelectric dam and continuation of the Grijalva river, if there is something that rewards the end of this route is the view that It is obtained since it was surrounded by pure mountains, a huge lake with more than 245 meters deep and the passage of the river, being in the middle and surrounded by all this made me remember that we are small living beings in an immense universe.


“End of the Sumidero Canyon, beginning of the hydraulic dam and passage of the Grijalva River”

2. Lake Tziscao


Within the Lagunas de Montebello National Park, there is Lake Tziscao, which is one of the largest, we could observe this lake from a viewpoint and the view is impressive because its water has that color degradation from an intense green to emerald green in the shores, also after the lake and in the distance you can see a small town called Chuj that is between the border of Mexico and Guatemala, separating only a few mountains.


“In the background, you can see the Chuj people”

Being in this viewpoint with a view of the lake, the town, and surrounded by mountains makes you not want to go to continue contemplating this landscape, unfortunately, there was no way to go down to the lake so we only stayed a while to observe it. There was a drizzle in the wooded area where the viewpoint is located, but it was so light that I even enjoyed it.

3. Lake Pojoj


If you arrive at a lake that just by seeing it captivates you but you also have the opportunity to travel it on a raft that you have never climbed on and above all you can swim in it, believe me, you would not miss the opportunity to do all this at all, like this I felt when I saw and heard everything that could be done in Lake Pojoj, from its small viewpoint you can appreciate this beauty but as I was going down the steps to reach the shore I felt I was entering the full paradise and right there they await you some people to invite you to take a tour on the rafts made of log.


In the middle of the lake, there is a small island where the rafts arrive, there you can swim, in addition to having a small nursery where orchids of various colors are planted and grown: white, red, yellow, purple, blue and some with spots. of colors, they are so beautiful flowers that occur mostly in Chiapas, but this is not all because just imagine being standing on an island surrounded by water, mountains, and forest, I would say that it is the best place in the world to forget about the outside.


In addition, another of the things that I was able to experience being on this small island is that you can shout towards the mountains and we did so, we shouted with all our strength to hear the echo of our own voice as they run through the mountains, it is a unique experience and I would go back to this place again and again.

4. Lake La Cañada


If you need inspiration or just love to contemplate a landscape, this is the perfect place to do it. Of the 2 viewpoints we visited, this was the best for me, since I saw Lake La Cañada  I loved it.


“View from the viewpoint: Lake La Cañada”

When we reached the viewpoint, the day was a bit cloudy but that didn’t really matter because its view captivates you instantly, after spending a while observing this landscape, the sun suddenly came out making its own show on the landscape because while the sunset was falling the rays of the sun reflected in the mountains and on the water, making those green tones of the forest in the mountains highlight their color and the lake becomes a huge mirror for them, adding to this the blue color of the sky, it was the most beautiful of the scenarios that nature gave me, without a doubt it is something that I carry in my memory and in my heart. I think only a traveler who enjoys nature could understand this.

5. Montebello lagoons

Montebello lake, Chiapas

Upon arriving at Laguna de Montebello I was surprised with such beauty, at the entrance, there are some small restaurants and places, where they sell handicrafts such as small huts on the beach, its sand, is somewhat thick with a brown color, the huge lake and everything surrounded by forest While you are here, some little girls came to sing a poem and it was something like: “Waves that come, waves that go, hello my love, how are you doing …” It was so beautiful to hear them recite a poem although, in the end, they ask you for a tip.


From here you can see 2 other cenotes but first, they have to take you in a boat to cross the lagoon and from there walk a few kilometers on horseback, as our time was hurried we did not have time to do this extra activity 

6. Agua Azul


My trip was in mid-October and to be honest with you Agua Azul at this time is not seen with the turquoise blue color that is expected, this due to the rainy season that was just ending but still nothing prevented enjoying its numerous waterfalls in the form of steps, the water was seen between a chocolatey color and just beginning to take its bluish tone but only in some parts, it was noticeable. The noise of the waterfalls and the breeze hitting your face, plus the landscape that surrounds you, is like an invitation to enter paradise and just concentrate on admiring what you see.


Since you arrive at Agua Azul you can see the waterfalls but as you walk you get closer to them, to reach the top or almost where the waterfalls start in the form of steps you have to climb more than 100 stairs that during the entire On the way you can find vendors offering a variety of handicrafts, mini shops, small food restaurants, viewpoints, chairs to enjoy these majestic waterfalls and even public baths. Also, if you get almost to the end of the road, the entrance to an area of ​​trees awaits you as if it were a huge patio and a natural pool that is the river in its quietest area.

7. Misol Há


Of all the waterfalls that I was able to visit in Chiapas, Misol Há was the only one with which I could have more contact since here, in addition to being able to observe it from its viewpoint at the top, you can go down to the shores of the small lake that is formed and swim with some precautions that indicate “do not swim barefoot since the rocks are very sharp and slide fast”, but the most interesting and fun thing about this place is that you can also go behind the waterfall where you get completely wet with the breeze.


Believe me, you will not have a bad time, since it also has a restaurant where we could eat very delicious, here, they offer delicious dishes that range from a chicken consommé to fish specialties, the dishes have an additional cost but they are not really expensive. It still has some cabins where you can stay to enjoy nature at night which is another experience to live and although we did not opt ​​for this option it is clear to me that it is day or night there is always a lot to enjoy.

8. El Chiflón waterfalls


So-called because in some periods of the year when there is strong wind you can hear how the Chiflón Waterfalls whistle and the sound runs through the mountains, this was one of the explanations they gave us when we got here, as well as the beginning of a great adventure.

To start the tour they told us that it would be somewhat long and tiring because we had to climb more than 400 steps to reach the last waterfall called Velo de Novia, so we got psyched up and started the tour with the help of a guide, walking a few meters inwards. you begin to see the passage of a river, on the other side there are some small cabins, grills, chairs and tables to spend the day with friends or family, you can even camp here.

little houses-grills

Continuing with the tour and getting better and better the first waterfalls could be seen from the different viewpoints where you could take the photos you wanted while the breeze soaked you little by little, some of them and having names for the form they take are: The Suspiro, Angel Wing, Rainbow, The Quinceañera and Wedding Veil.


“Cascada el Suspiro”


“Ala de Ángel Waterfall, photography by Eduardo Robles”

Halfway through we had the option of zip-lining passing over these beautiful waterfalls, but it could only be done on the way back since the best was still waiting for us because at the end there is one of the best waterfalls with a fall of approximately 70mts and it is the  Waterfall The Wedding Veil literally seems like it, although it is also known as La Quinceañera, and with the experience of the guide, he made us carry out an activity telling us to stay looking only at the highest part of the waterfall for 10 seconds and then turn to see the mountain. What happened? An optical illusion, because it seems that the mountains are moving instead of the running water. It is fantastic!


“Cascada Veil for the Bride and Quinceañera”

Being the last waterfall and the end of the tour there was the option of zip-lining, just imagine that you will jump over a river and that on your left is the huge waterfall, it is something that fills your body with adrenaline and at the same time fear but that you only overcome it by understanding that it is your only opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this waterfall from another way.

9. Walk through the Lacandon Jungle


“Photography of Paulo Carbajal”

Although I know that there are many more paradises to visit in Chiapas, I only had the opportunity to visit 9 of its natural beauties and the last one was the walk in a part of the Lacandon Jungle since it is immense to explore it.

To start the walk through the Lacandon Jungle, before we had to put on repellent because here is the favorite place for mosquitoes, once ready and with the help of a guide we started the walk, a few meters away was the Tree of Life, which he explained to us that the ancient Mayans called the Ceiba Tree since for them it represented the 3 levels of life: the sky, its branches; the trunk, the world in which we live; and the roots, the underworld where we go when we die, believing that everything connects to make a single communication between the 3 levels. He also told us that if we hugged the tree for a while it would transmit its energies and more years of life to us.

Lacandon jungle

Thus, we continued the walk and we were able to observe some Mayan vestiges, ruins that have not yet been fully explored; small ponds of water that were formed by the rains and the humidity of the jungle, although we could not observe any species of animal because we did not go too far if we could hear the singing of the birds that were on top of the huge trees that we surrounded.

Mayan vestige

“Mayan vestige, not yet fully explored”

Being here and walking in this huge jungle is a different experience because you have to have the condition and courage to go up, go down, walk through mud sometimes, endure being bitten by mosquitoes even with repellent, sweat, get a little dirty and even scratch with some branch on the road. Of course, nothing is the same after leaving the jungle because putting aside the fatigue, the pickets and all those obstacles that are on the route, the sensation and the feeling of having had full contact with nature makes you discard the bad. and surround yourself with the purest energy of nature.


Information about Tours in Chiapas

Places to see in Chiapas there are too many, as I said at the beginning, both natural areas, such as cities, towns, archaeological sites, and others are some of the hundreds to visit, for now, I could only see some of its natural beauties but it is certain that I will return here to see more of its charms. So if you are planning your next trip, go ahead and get to know Chiapas I am almost sure that in the end, you will not want to return home 

My recommendation is that you make your trip between the months of January to May which is when you can enjoy the rivers and waterfalls much better, in addition to that in these months that bluish tone that we see in photographs can be appreciated very well.

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