Foreigners must present identification and proof of legal stay to travel by bus


To travel by bus, a series of signs in Spanish, French, and English warn that international passengers “must present an immigration permit and identification with the same name”, only then can you buy a ticket and board. This occurs at the Central de Autobuses de Toluca, State of Mexico ( Edomex ).

The National Chamber of Passenger Transportation and Tourism (CANAPAT) clarified to that this federal requirement, which seeks to stop the transit of irregular migrants, is not new.

Odilón López NavaCANAPAT delegate, said that “in the case of foreigners, they must present their passport or some immigration form, issued by the National Institute of Migration (INM), where their migratory stay in the country is accredited.”

He added that if there is any doubt regarding the format or document presented by international travelers, guidance is immediately requested from the immigration authorities.

We ask you to help us, in case of doubt, to clarify and give prompt and expeditious attention to the user immediately.

Migrantes en México. ¿Qué requisitos piden para viajar en autobús en México?

The measure came into effect in June 2019; However, this week the signs at bus stations across the country were reinforced.

Bus users, such as José Trinidad, welcome this measure. This is how he explained it:

No, look, I’m from Ciudad Juárez and migrants, at first, everyone wants to help them, then they are a problem, because they are not even grateful.


However, other users expressed their disagreement. Francisco Caballero bought a ticket to travel to León, Guanajuato, and despite the fact that he is Mexican, they asked him to show an official credential, something that annoyed him:

A strong line is felt that if you are not Mexican, you are Salvadoran because of the way you are, Guatemalan, whatever; Right now, at this moment, we are here in the country in a situation of a lot of racism.

Francisco Caballero said

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