Despite the influx of tourists, the doors of the Cathedral of San Cristóbal are close


No authority has made mention of this decision

Even though the city of San Cristóbal is having a high influx of tourists and the Cathedral is one of the main attractions, it is closed, leaving several people without the opportunity to see the famous church from the inside.

“We came from Guadalajara to visit San Cristóbal de las Casas to enjoy the cold, but when trying to enter the cathedral of San Cristóbal we couldn’t because its doors are closed, I don’t know if it has a schedule for it to be open, but unfortunately We couldn’t get in and tomorrow we’re going back home,” said one of the tourists.

No authority has made mention of this decision, there are hundreds of tourists who visit the historic center to see this site, which was recently remodeled after it suffered damage to its structure after the 2017 earthquake.

Meanwhile, the city has been packed with hundreds of tourists, both national and international, hoping that they will remain in the city until the first days of January, when work and school activities resume.

Source: El Heraldo de Chiapas