AMBUSH: Armed men surprise soldiers in Chiapas, one soldier is dead and others are injured


Heavily armed men ambushed a group of elements of the Mexican Army, leaving one soldier and at least two more injured, on a highway in Maravilla Tenejapa, in Chiapas.

The deadly attack occurred when the elements of the Mexican Army were traveling along a dirt road that connects the communities of Loma Bonita and Guadalupe Miramar, when they were surprised by the armed men.

Immediately, the military tried to repel the attack while accelerating their units to avoid being hit by bullets, however, bullets hit the elements causing the death of Hermenegildo “N”, SEDENA corporal.

Soldier Hermenegildo “N” sadly lost his life at the site of the ambush, while two lieutenants were injured and were transferred to a military medical facility for treatment.

It turned out that the affected soldiers belong to the 12th Battalion based in the town, and an exhaustive investigation is expected to clarify this murder of the soldier and the authors of the ambush against the soldiers.

For their part, the authorities regretted the tragic incident, however, federal and state authorities have not yet issued an official position on the unfortunate events, as reported by El Heraldo de Chiapas.

Source: Debate