Concern over blockades on the Ocosingo-San Cristóbal route.


Motorists and transporters who frequently use the route connecting Ocosingo with San Cristóbal de las Casas in Chiapas have expressed their growing concern due to the blockades.

Motorists and transporters who daily use the route that connects this locality with San Cristóbal de las Casas have shown their concern due to the constant blockades by the organization that governs this area, warning that it has become a business.

They lamented that the authorities continue to allow blockades for any situation, which has frustrated those who have to travel on this route, also making it clear that such actions have driven tourism away from this region of Chiapas.

Juan “N,” a transporter who uses this route, provided some images of the blockade, making it clear that lately, these actions are in search of obtaining resources, so motorists and transporters have to pay if they want to pass on this route.

Thus, this Monday, the blockade operation was repeated, this time at the height of the Mumuntic ejido, where a group of just over 30 people decided to close the route to ask for money in exchange for passage.

It involves members of the Coordinating Organization of Organizations for a Better Environment for Chiapas (COMACH), which today again blocked the route, distributing an informative bulletin detailing that it is to support a person of limited resources.

In the paper they give to motorists, it is informed that the reason for the blockade is to obtain economic resources and give them to a member of their group who suffered an accident a few days ago and does not have enough economy to get out of the complicated situation he is living.

However, motorists, through social networks, have expressed their dissatisfaction with the multiple blockades, stating that they use any pretext to extract money.

Source: El Heraldo de Chiapas