Among black waters, wetlands of San Cristóbal

Denuncian contaminación por descargas de drenaje en el humedal de María Eugenia.

In a public complaint that was made public on the Facebook platform, the General Council of the Southern Zone and Wetlands, together with the Guardians of the wetlands, requested the intervention of the competent authorities to address the destruction and contamination of the mountain wetlands of the city of San Cristóbal de Las Casas.

They mainly emphasized that in the María Eugenia wetland, the pollution of at least two storm drains has directly affected the area, generating a public health problem due to the contamination of water sources.

This report was made last Monday, July 1, in the early hours of the morning, from where this contamination springs; which is located in front of the wetlands park, in the southern part of the city, so they ask that the municipal authority, SAPAM, ecology and the Ministry of Health be the ones to address this situation.

Source: alertachiapas