La Paz Malecón remodeling works continue


The president of La Paz Pro-Malecón Committee, Javier Salas mentioned that they have not sanctioned anybody who have been caught damaging the property of the city of La Paz, however, he warned that if citizens do not comply with the law, they will be sanctioned.

“What we want is to work together, raise awareness in all areas and parts of society, kids, adults, children, seniors, we have to participate together,” he said.

In this regard, he said that he agrees with the mayor of La Paz, Rubén Muñoz Álvarez that there is still no rule that regulates scooters because these are relatively new devices that are not yet within the regulation, and added that these motor vehicles are potentially dangerous as they can reach up to 40 or 50 kilometers per hour.

“We propose a maximum speed of 20 or 30 kilometers per hour; people need to respect the boardwalk regulations” , emphasized the head of the Pro-Malecón Committee.

Similarly, he reminded the citizens of Baja California Sur, through the media, that the boardwalk has suitable spaces for skateboards and bicycles, but unfortunately, some people do not want to respect those designated areas.

Finally, he assured that the remodeling of the boardwalk will not be suspended due to the arrival of the Carnival La Paz 2020.

“The carnival is totally regulated, I think there is more and better civil participation,” he concluded.

The Mazatlan Post