5th confirmed case of Coronavirus in Chiapas Mexico


The Chiapas Ministry of Health confirmed the first case of coronavirus in the entity, which is an 18-year-old girl studying in Milan, Italy

he Chiapas Ministry of Health confirmed a case of coronavirus (Covid-19), which was detected in Tuxtla Gutiérrez and is a student who was in Milan, Italy ; He is currently in quarantine at his private home.

José Manuel Cruz Castellanos, Secretary of Health in Chiapas, said it is an 18-year -old woman who lived and was studying in Milan with a partner from Torreón, Coahuila, who also tested positive for Covid-19.

Chiapas confirms the case of Covid-19;  add 5 in Mexico

The school where both studied, for the magnitude of the contagion, decided to close momentarily to have a quarantine, so the girl’s parents decided to bring her to Chiapas.

The official said the woman entered Mexico since February 22.

But on February 24 the disease began and after being detected on February 29, he was visited at his home, where he underwent a laboratory test and the result was positive.

As of Sunday evening, there have been 84 cases of coronavirus in the United States, including two deaths.

Source: excelsior, nytimes

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