Mexican Navy secured 400 kilos of cocaine in Chiapas


CHIAPAS.- Elements of the Mexican Navy secured a load of just under 400 kilos of cocaine, on a clandestine track located in the community of Aztlán in the municipality of Tapachula.

Members of the Secretary of the Navy confiscated 358 kilos of drugs, a small plane in which they were transporting it, 14 drums of fuel, and two motorcycles, Excelsior, and other media reports.

A coastal surveillance patrol operation was carried out with a MI-17 helicopter of the Mexican Navy, with personnel from the Marine Infantry Brigade.

They saw the plane on a clandestine runway located approximately 42 kilometers northwest of Puerto Chiapas and immediately set about securing the area and the objects of crime.

No one was found who could be detained for these events.


The Mazatlan Post