Municipal Police of San Cristóbal de las Casas detained 65 people in July


San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas.- The Municipal Police Directorate announced that during the month of July 65 people were arrested for the commission of various crimes and administrative offenses. 5 alleged criminals and a missing minor were made available to the Public Ministry.

In a press release, they assure that these arrests are part of the strategy to reinforce security in the city, also the result of preventive patrols and the Rastrillo and Escudo Titan operations.

“The municipal police officers also insured 59 people, 56 men, and 3 women, who were presented before the qualifying judge, who determined their entry into the preventive separations to comply with administrative sanctions, provided for in the Municipal Police and Good Government Bank.”

They also detail that in coordination with the State Attorney General’s Office, a male person was made available to the public prosecutor for family violence; 3 subjects for the crime of Injuries and one more for business robbery, where their legal situation would be determined according to law.

“As regards Operation Rastrillo, social proximity actions were carried out with the citizens of the Bosques del Pedregal and Prudencio Moscoso neighborhoods, in the north of the city; the Maestros de México, San Juan de Los Lagos neighborhoods, and the Guadalupe and Cerrillo neighborhoods, as well as the Los Altos Popular Market (Mercaltos) and the short-haul and foreign transport terminals located on Juan Sabines boulevard ”.

Finally, they highlight that the security reinforcement strategy continues to make firm progress to maintain order and tranquility in the municipality, and they expressed appreciation to the citizens of San Cristobal, with whom they are working together to strengthen the prevention of antisocial behaviors.


San Cristobal Post