Good news, the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH ) reported that of the 2,340 historical and archaeological monuments registered with damages in 11 states of the country, as a result of the earthquakes registered in 2017, 1,430 of them are already ready for be released, while they hope that the remaining 900, can be delivered in 2022.

Although it sounds sarcastic, it is good news. Remember that historical sites are invaluable and for this reason, the restoration process is done meticulously and in detail, trying to preserve the original pieces as completely as possible. Coupled with the limited budget of the National Restructuring Program and taking into account the number of restored monuments, we could well say that they are breaking record time.


There they take it!  INAH delivers 1,400 historic monuments damaged by the earthquake (Only 900 are missing)


“We are in the final stretch of rebuilding the historic buildings damaged by the 2017 earthquakes in the state of Chiapas,” said  Diego Prieto Hernández, director-general of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), during the working meeting. ¡In which the progress report on the recovery of the cultural heritage damaged by the earthquakes of September 7 and 19, 2017 was presented.

Clearly, where jobs are lagging the most is where the greatest structural damage occurred. Such is the case of Chiapas and Oaxaca. In the capital of bananas, 33 of the 118 buildings that were affected by earthquakes have yet to be recovered; Of these, in 30 there are significant advances, as is the case of the Temple and Ex-Convent of Santo Domingo, an emblematic building due to the presence of the Dominican order.

There they take it!  INAH delivers 1,400 historic monuments damaged by the earthquake (Only 900 are missing)


“Each historic property that we restore represents an impressive achievement for the communities, which is why we are very concerned and concerned that close to 900 of the 2,340 affected properties in the 11 states that suffered losses are still pending; all these buildings have some degree of progress in their restoration, but we have not finished, that is a task in which we are committed, ”said Prieto Hernández.

In addition, the INAH has just delivered the Temple of San Lorenzo Mártir, in Zinacantán, and is keen on the recovery of the Cathedral of San Cristóbal de las Casas, for its early opening. Both are historical monuments that reflect the momentum of the indigenous struggle in Mexico. By the way, the organization has just launched a call to give a cat’s hand to the Teotihuacán pyramid, if you have innovative ideas, take a look and participate.


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