Luxury vehicle fire causes panic in San Cristóbal de Las Casas residents


Residents asked for the support of the San Cristóbal Fire Department, who after arriving at the place smothered the flames and neutralized the twisted irons

San Cristóbal de Las Casas.- Presumed electrical failure, an orange Mustang-type vehicle with Chiapas license plates caught fire on the San Cristóbal-Teopisca road section, at the height of the El Porvenir Curve, below El Escobial, where fortunately there were no human losses.

After the strong flames that were setting fire to a part of the mountains near the road, residents requested the support of the San Cristóbal Fire Department, who after arriving at the place smothered the flames and neutralized the twisted iron.

According to the Fire Department report, the incident occurred at kilometer 10 of the section in question, where they proceeded to extend a 15-meter line to suffocate, as well as cool the area since the flames reached part of the forest.

It is worth mentioning that several reckless drivers, despite seeing the car on fire, crossed, putting the vehicle at risk of exploding and causing losses to be regretted.

Firefighters from the municipality came to quell this fire


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