2021 has come to an end and we want to say goodbye through the photos that most aroused in our Instagram followers the desire to go out in search of adventure. 

Next, we will take you on a trip through your cell phone to Chiapas, each of the following 13 photos are a love letter that will make you stay, at least mentally, for a while in the state that treasures the cloud forest, the high altitude coffee, the most re-magical magical town and a culture that has been kept alive since the time of the Mayans. 

This 2022 you have to experience Chiapas! 

13.- San Cristóbal de las Casas

Some places feel like walking in a dream. Chiapas is a clear example.

12.- Cañón del Sumidero

Attitude is essential to break through the giants. 

11.- Arco del Tiempo

To achieve this romantic photo, two adventurous lovers had to camp in the middle of the jungle and even descend and ascend by rappelling, but all the effort is worth it.

10.- Cascadas Las Nubes

Chiapas is full of romantic landscapes to enjoy the adventure that love offers. Whether for a first trip together or to enjoy the adrenaline rush of holding hands in front of extraordinary views.

9.- Las Nubes  

In Chiapas it is possible to walk on Las Nubes.

8.- Cañón Río La Venta

At certain times of the year, the giants of the jungle allow us to visit them and parade on their elegant carpet.

7.- Andadores de San Cristobal de las Casas

A magical night is about to envelop the romantic walkways of San Cristóbal.

6.- Chichonal Volcano

If you think Chiapas is impressive, imagine yourself from the heights.

5.- Lagos de Montebello

The first time you look at the Lagunas de Montebello you freeze for a moment, as if wanting to completely absorb the landscape.

4.- Palenque

In Palenque, you will find small and monumental structures. Take a good look at each one, as they contain the messages of their kings.

3.- Sima de las Cotorras

If it brings you a smile and makes your heart race, you are in the right place. 

2.- Cascada El Aguacero

Another type of luxurious room.

1.- Arco del Tiempo

Travel to a place where only a few have seen the sunrise. 

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