Roads of Chiapas, a Danger for the Population


In the various roads of Chiapas, different acts of violence are occurring, from assaults on passenger buses to vehicle theft, a situation that has been present in the country for two years. As of 2024, in the state of Chiapas, this situation began to arise.

Almost every week on social media, three to five of these incidents are reported. Those affected are those who travel for various reasons, for leisure or work, and transporters, who have felt the insecurity on the roads the most.

“We want them to solve it, not just by conducting operations to deter because that really doesn’t solve the problem. The problem will be solved with the arrest of the gangs that are dedicated to these types of acts.”

It was on March 21 when a bus covering the Cintalapa – Tuxtla Gutiérrez route burned, allegedly because some individuals set it on fire due to an issue of extortion, which caused the runs to be suspended for at least 24 hours.

“We still don’t know what really happened. Some people say one thing, others say another, but in the end, we didn’t see what happened in that incident.”

As a domino effect, tourism was also affected. According to the Chiapas Tourist Security Table, for Easter week of 2024, 25 percent of reservations were canceled.

“Perception counts a lot, the feeling with which the tourist leaves, and ultimately what we seek is that there is good satisfaction for the tourist.”

“They think that the whole state is in conflict, that there are strategic points that are bad, but people are indeed afraid.”

According to the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection, the roads in Chiapas that are most dangerous due to insecurity are the toll roads from Ocozocoautla to Las Choapas and Ocozocoautla to Arriaga. The free stretches are San Cristóbal de Las Casas to Ocosingo and Comitán to Motozintla.

Traveling in Chiapas has become a risky activity. Specialists in the field urge those who travel to do so during daylight hours and to be accompanied.

Source: Mega Noticias