Illegal street vendors, a cancer for San Cristóbal de las Casas


Street vendors have taken over these spaces without the authorization of local authorities.

San Cristóbal de las Casas.- The walkways of Santo Domingo, El Carmen, and Guadalupe in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, as well as the Alameda de Santo Domingo, sidewalks, and streets of the José Castillo Tielemans Public Market, street vendors have taken over these spaces without the corresponding authorization from the local authorities.

Since the armed conflict of 1994 between the Zapatista Army of National Liberation and the Federal Government, invasions began at these points and to date, street vendors are growing day by day and no authority has managed to convince the thousands of indigenous people to withdraw from the place the indigenous people left their communities and towns to move to San Cristóbal de las Casas and invade the streets of the colonial city.

Only in the cathedral square, there are more than a thousand street vendors who take possession after 7:00 p.m. from Monday to Sunday and leave the place around 12:00 p.m., at this point there are artisan vendors, as well as the sale of food, while the local inhabitants and tourists cannot enjoy this cathedral square at night.

The three walkways are also occupied by indigenous people who take possession after 10 in the morning from Monday to Sunday

The three walkways are also occupied by indigenous people who take office after 10 in the morning from Monday to Sunday and leave around 9:00 p.m., and street vendors are also growing day by day in this area.

While in the Alameda de Santo Domingo, approximately 800 artisans are positioned there, as pointed out by the leader Jerónimo Ruiz, who until now have not wanted to leave the place because according to them there is no market for these 800 street vendors, coming from the municipalities of Zinacantán, San Juan Chamula, Tenejapa, San Juan Cancuc, among other municipalities.

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In a large part of the streets and sidewalks of the José Castillo Tielemans public market they are also found illegally, maintaining their taqueria stalls, as well as other food and clothing sales, and in this place there are approximately 5,000 street vendors who take possession from 6 in the morning from Monday to Friday.

In this area of ​​the market, workers from the administration of the Central de Abasto collect the floor fee for the amount of $5 pesos per person and leave them a receipt as a sign that they have already paid the floor fee, but to be at these points they must be authorized by the leaders of the organization where each vendor belongs, otherwise, they are picked up by the vendors themselves who are affiliated with an organization.

There have been clashes between street vendors since the leader of an organization invited them to leave the place

It is known that in the walkers of this city and the Alameda Santo Domingo are controlled by the leaders of each organization and to date it is unknown how much they pay monthly and if a street vendor does not have permission in an organization they are raised or in In their case, they confiscate their merchandise since without their authorization they should not settle in the places that are controlled by themselves.

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Recently, a street vendor who was in the Santo Domingo walkway on the corner of August 28, at that point there was a confrontation between street vendors since the leader of an organization invited him to leave the place, ignoring this invitation. The brawl began between street vendors.

It is also known that the leaders of the organization presumably have permission with municipal public services so that they can sell their products in the aforementioned places, for which the street vendors practically control the cathedral square, the walkways, as well as the Alameda de Santo Sunday and José Castillo tielemans public market.

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Meanwhile, in the three tourist walkways, the temples of Santo Domingo, Caridad, as well as the Plaza Catedral, several street vendors are possessed, despite the call of the authorities to withdraw from the place, they have ignored, because according to them They are paying the right to the flat.

Finally, over 200,000 citizens of San Cristobal have asked that the tourist walkways, the cathedral square, and the Santo Domingo and Caridad squares be left free, since some artisans currently prohibit taking images in the place, even arresting or mistreating those who do so. they do, although the police release them afterward.

For this reason, the citizens have asked to evict the street vendors or at least ask that they be relocated to another place so as not to damage the image of San Cristóbal de las Casas 

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