Everything ready for the start of the Danzón del Sureste Festival


In this event, a tribute will be paid to the first actress María Rojo

With the aim of reactivating the economy through the arts and in turn continuing to promote one of the most important national dances in our country, from November 17 to 20 the XII edition of the Danzón del Sureste Festival will be held in Tuxtla Gutiérrez and San Cristóbal de Las Casas, where a tribute will also be paid to the first actress María Rojo.


The danzón is a rhythm and a dance of Cuban origin created by the Matanzas composer Miguel Faílde, which since the beginning of the 20th century has had deep roots in Mexico, since it is considered part of popular culture where wind instruments are used, flute, violins, timbales and Cuban percussion.

Jorge Iván Pérez Ramos, president of the Mexican Association of Art and Culture of Chiapas, said that this project arose with the idea of ​​helping institutions to create spaces where families from Chiapas coexist, but above all learn from other branches of culture.

“It is important to get to know other genres of culture, not only through literature or sculpture, but also dance, for this reason we ask you to give us the opportunity to teach, to demonstrate this artistic manifestation that is very playful and also very recreation”.

Through exhibitions, workshops, conferences, book presentations, photographic exhibitions, and dances, they will seek for the population of Chiapas to learn more about this dance that had its peak in our country after the 1930s and until 1957, the date on which a law was enacted. to take care of good customs, but despite the time it continues to be the favorite of many, since it unifies the human, emotional and physical manifestation of people.

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