San Cristóbal in crisis! Motonetos generate terror and violence


Approximately 27 years ago, in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, gunshots began to be heard in the air, specifically coming out of the hills in the northern area of San Cristóbal, but no one knew who made it up.

10 years ago, more firearm shots began to be heard, but no authority at that time care about the complaints from the same citizens, and it was so that years later the name of Motonetos was heard and they traveled through the northern area of the city, shooting firearms.

Approximately more than 5 years ago, shots began to be heard in the air, specifically coming out of the hills in the northern area of San Cristóbal de las Casas, and unfortunately it has claimed lives, left people injured and thus grew without fear of hurt people who live in the area.

After several years it became known that this group of people who carry out the shots are called “Motonetos”, which has left several people dead and injured by stray bullets or physically deprives a human being of life or simply leaves them. injured.

Sometimes this group of young people have even confronted the police or even fired shots in front of the barracks and then fled the scene, and thus their power has grown, and they currently operate in the northern area of the city of San Cristóbal de las Casas.

Authorities have passed, but nothing has been done despite the fact that, when they are in campaign, they promise to stop crime, but they are only campaign promises and when they are sitting in power they simply forget or do not pay attention to this serious problem that is happening in the colonial city.

It is also known that when the police arrest subjects, they begin to harass or threaten the authorities or riot in the offices of either the Municipal Police or the Justice Prosecutor’s Office, and thus people obtain their freedom when they are detained.

On June 14, 2022, the group of Motonetos faced off with another group in the Mercado del Norte in San Cristóbal, that day a male person lost his life due to firearms shots, and abroad from the supply center set vehicles on fire, people from the San Cristóbal fire department were in charge of putting out the fire, hours later, the army, the national guard, as well as the state and municipal police managed to enter the conflict zone.

On October 28, 2022, Pablo “N”, leader of the Motonetos, was arrested in the northern area of San Cristóbal by the specialized police, and his followers immediately went out to intimidate the population by firing firearms on board of several motorcycles, in order to demand the release of their leader.

And the protests continued, on November 8 of this year, followers of Pablo “N”, coming from the Cuxtitali El Pinar ejido, municipality of San Cristóbal, marched from the west to the courthouse, to demand the release of their leader, but that one day it got out of control, vandalizing the municipal administrative unit, as well as the administrative unit of the state government, and the Altos courthouse was also vandalized and a vehicle was set on fire in this area, minutes later the uniformed officers showed up and managed to arrest of 10 people.

And thanks to the arrest of Pablo “N, 80 percent of the firing of firearms in the north of the city has ceased, on some occasions the shots are heard, the complaint from the citizens is that the road that connects San Cristóbal to the Cuxtitali El Pinar ejido, a group of young people are dedicated to firing shots, but so far at that point the authorities have not entered.

Source: El Heraldo de Chiapas