Neighborhoods of San Cristobal live in a lack of public services and streets in poor condition


Inhabitants point out that they lack drinking water, there are blown lamps and the streets are dark and that some drains need maintenance.

San Cristóbal de las Casas.- When visiting some streets of neighborhoods in San Cristóbal, when questioning some neighbors, they pointed out that some lack drinking water, because some defaulters do not pay the water bill and it harms several homes; as well as there are blown lamps and the streets are dark, some drains need maintenance and the neighbors ask that these damages be solved.

Ernesto Alonso Pascasio, when these issues were questioned, said that the inhabitants of the Guadalupe neighborhood in some streets of the neighborhood where he lives, some streets are dark, because some lamps melted, and he asks that they be changed so people do not walk in the dark, so that can travel safely.

“We have the problem of the public lighting service because the bulbs are out, I ask them to be changed because the streets are dark, we ask the authorities of the presidency to change the bulbs or to give us the money and we buy them, because the the city must collaborate and not only the government,” said Alonso Pascasio.

He also indicated that they have problems due to drinking water that does not reach them with greater pressure in the houses, and that they are punctual paying their bills, paying monthly and some have already paid annually and this is because of the people that don’t pay the water, it harms the rest of the neighbors, because they don’t want to pay the bills, especially in the northern zone they refuse to pay, they simply ask to pay half of the bills.

“We have the problem of drinking water, it does not come with a lot of pressure and that is what we understand, but this is thanks to the defaulters who do not want to pay their bills, they refuse everything and that is why they lower the water pressure, we ask to the competent authorities to demand the defaulters to pay their debts, he indicated.

He asked the population to pay the bills for each service in a timely manner and because of the defaulters they sometimes harm the entire neighborhood and that is not possible; Out of obligation, they go to pay their debts in the municipal presidency or in SAPAM that have their offices in different parts of the city, the same citizens know where to pay it.

Likewise, several inhabitants of the western area of San Cristóbal recently denounced the lack of water because a pump had broken, but according to a meeting they held with the directors of SAPAM, they were notified that possibly in 3 days the pump would be left and the mayor himself had pointed out that the pump is in the hands of experts to repair it.

They asked the competent authorities of the municipality to check the lamps because there are burnt out bulbs; Some girls and boys go out to schools or elderly people can have an accident in the dark of night.

While residents of B street in the San Ramón neighborhood pointed out that there is also a street paving project and asked that this project be expedited since there are potholes and the heavy trucks that circulate can break the water pipes, as well as of the drainage and the neighbors would be harmed, for which they asked to review these damages.

Source: EL Heraldo de Chiapas