The traditional Carnival of San Juan Chamula starts


In order to keep alive the history of a town, and strengthen the ties of brotherhood, so that locals and strangers can enjoy the traditional Carnival of San Juan Chamula, with the participation of children, youth and adults, characterized by Mashes carried out on the morning of this Saturday in the Plaza de La Paz, in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, a ceremony, dances, prayers and more to invite you to witness a celebration in an environment as authentic as it is ceremonial in this neighboring municipality that begins this day 18th of February.

The Municipal President, Mariano Díaz Ochoa, received this group of Mashes, where they dressed him in the traditional white coat, belt and hat of that region, there he expressed his approval for the presentation of this ceremony, which gives identity to our state and the native peoples of the highlands of Chiapas.

The Municipal President highlighted that this celebration of the Traditional Carnival of San Juan Chamula, is part of our roots in Chiapas, for which he pointed out the importance of keeping it alive through the generations, likewise it is important to publicize the cultural wealth that unites the regions and sisters towns of the state.

Source: Press Release