“Let’s not be fooled, the government of hope has let us down”: FAE


San Cristóbal de Las Casas.- Cardinal Felipe Arizmendi Esquivel, bishop emeritus of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, in a letter critical of the current government of Mexico where he has indicated that this political party is the hope of Mexico, in reality it has disappointed the more than 126 million Mexicans, were promises and nothing has been fulfilled.

He indicated that, despite the fact that a political party has presented itself as the hope of Mexico, in reality it has disappointed the people of Mexico, because it promised many good things during its campaign, but the reality is, among many other things, that poverty has not diminished, violence and insecurity have increased, they were promises.

“If some high-impact crimes have decreased, some of our authorities cannot do anything, in our little towns, they are the ones who determine what can and cannot be done; You have to ask their permission even to have a community party. Am I exaggerating, to denigrate the party in power? Nothing of that; that they come to live with our towns and they will see that I only share what is lived daily, they are people, peaceful and hardworking, they have had to emigrate to other places, even abroad,” the letter quotes.

He points out that we must ask God to enlighten the life of every Christian, asking him to enlighten and strengthen them in the fight against evil, and with the hammer giving; that is to say, they generate hope, for example, parents, not to abandon their children, sometimes to earn more money, they leave them alone and later they are uncontrollable.

“Please, when it comes to electing our rulers, let’s not let ourselves be bought and deceived with money, but let’s look at who has the capacity to restore social peace, so that they don’t lie to us again with the usual speeches,” the bishop concluded.

Source: El Heraldo de Chiapas