AMLO expressed his support to the president-elect of Guatemala, Bernardo Arévalo


Opponents “are not right, because the president-elect won by a wide margin, with 60 percent of the votes in the second round,” said AMLO.

“The majority of the people are with their president-elect, it is a minority (that is not) and hopefully they come to their senses so that there is stability, political normality, in order to avoid conflicts because all this, instead of helping peoples or nations, harms them,” said AMLO in his morning press conference.

On the occasion, the president recalled that Arevalo won the elections with about 60 percent of the votes of Guatemalans and expressed his hope that soon the inconformities about the electoral process will be resolved.

He criticized the opposition that is “very little supported by the people.” Opponents “are not right, because the president-elect won by a wide margin, with 60% of the votes in the second round,” said AMLO. 

The tweet reads, “AMLO talks about his meeting with the president-elect of Guatemala, Bernardo Arévalo, with whom he met last weekend in the municipality of Texcoco. “We are going to cooperate with his government and we are going to help Guatemala.” 

Meanwhile, in Guatemala, for the third consecutive day, hundreds of members of indigenous communities, together with other sectors of the country, maintain an indefinite national strike.

They demand the resignation of the Attorney General and other officials of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for their attempts to intervene in this year’s election results, in which Arévalo, leader of the Seed Movement party, was the winner.

For two consecutive nights, at least 200 indigenous leaders have spent the night in front of the Attorney General’s Office in Guatemala City as a measure of pressure. Today, various student and indigenous organizations called for demonstrations in the main cities of the country to maintain the indefinite blockade.

The tweet reads, “The road continues to be closed in Chinautla. As part of the demonstrations against the administration of Consuelo Porras, residents of Chinautla closed the road that connects San Antonio Las Flores as well as to Chuarrancho, San Raymundo and the pass to San Juan Sacatepéquez.”

In continuous raids by the Public Prosecutor’s Office to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), dozens of boxes with the results of the general elections have been seized. 

Bernardo Arévalo, who won the August 20 elections with 2.5 million votes in his favor, has denounced on several occasions that the Public Prosecutor’s Office is involved in a coup process against him. 

Arévalo will be sworn in as Guatemalan president on January 14, 2024, as established by the laws in force in the Central American country.

Source: OEM

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