13,216 athletes in the parachico race


A total of 13,216 athletes participated in the XXVI edition of the Parachico Race, named World Heritage. The athletes were divided into distances of 2, 5 and 15 kilometers, in the categories of veterans, free and children, in the male and female branches; there was also a special classification for people with disabilities. In the longest distance, the Mexican Luis Zacarías repeated as champion by taking the first place, just as in 2023.

From very early on, the runners arrived at the points planned for the start: the shortest circuit began at the monument of the Chiapaneca and the Parachico, the five at the Triplay del Sureste factory and those who competed in the longest route, met next to the 5 de Mayo park in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, from 7:00 in the morning.

The main streets of the capital and the center of Chiapa de Corzo were flooded with runners, some dressed as wrestlers, superheroes and players, even pets were present, also, there were those who wore their Parachico suit, representative of this sports party, which had a duration of around three hours until the last athlete crossed the finish line, in the central park of the Magical Town.

The runners who participated recreationally enjoyed the route and took advantage of the cameras of the media and gave their best poses while completing the journey. Unfortunately, not everything was good news, as around a dozen competitors had to retire due to injuries during the contest.

For the second consecutive time, the native of the State of Mexico, Luis Zacarías, took the first position in the 15-kilometer competition. The now two-time champion could not break his mark compared to the previous edition, however his 46 minutes and 22 seconds were enough to arrive before his compatriot Adrián Uribe, with a minute of difference, while the native of Kenya, Moussa Lemiukei completed the podium in the male branch.

It should be noted that the two-time winner of the Parachico Race, achieved, in the last edition, that a Mexican returned to stay with the maximum glory. Before 2023, the last Aztec runner to cross the finish line first was Cristian Escamilla, in 2016.

Another who repeated his success was Rey Martín Guízar, who once again was the best Chiapas of the maximum competition, being the first to arrive and the fifth overall, just like on occasion XXV. The one from Comitán said he was happy and confirmed that he expects a year full of competitions where he will seek to obtain good results.

“It was a beautiful edition, there were a lot of people, I did not improve my times but I did not go down either. I managed to be the best Chiapas and I was nothing to be within the first three places in general,” he said.

Immaculate Machal was crowned the winner of the female branch after 55 minutes and 36 seconds. Ignacia Raquel and Veronica Estrada obtained the second and third place, respectively. Leidy Monserrath Rincón and Ingris Magaly Santos were the two best in Chiapas by parking in the fourth and fifth position.

The latter, the world champion in Italy Ingris Magaly Santos recognized that it was a very pleasant route to compete but the best thing was the warmth of the people who were also present.

“I stayed with everything that is seen, a lot of people who support you, a lot of people who know you, they ask you not to give up, that you continue and that is good. It is an impressive event that all people should do at least once,” he shared.

As for the 5-kilometer male circuit, Bryan Vázquez took over the first place while Alexis Castillo finished in the second step. Osmar Cruz completed the podium of the first three places. In the female branch, Karla Escobar was the winner, Ximena García the runner-up and Alejandra Muela was third.

Eduardo Hernández Maldonado was the absolute winner in the veteran male classification. Julian Pérez González settled in second place while Marcelo Alfonso Aguilar finished in the third step. As for the women, Esther García was crowned with the maximum glory, Martha Díaz was close to stealing the first position but arrived in second place, and América Díaz in third.

There was also a fair for the little ones. Diego Ovando García conquered the minor child, followed by Danilo de la Cruz and Freddy López Verdugo. About the older male child, it was José Montesinos the first to finish the circuit, Axel Gómez the second and Diego Martínez the third. Esther García won in the female branch, Valentina Velasco occupied the second place and Azul Méndez completed the podium.

All the champions were awarded an hour after the event was over. The winners took cash prizes, except for the infants, who were awarded school supplies for their return to school.

Víctor Manuel Clemente Ovalle was in charge of giving the farewell words and thanking each of the competitors who managed to finish the circuit, as well as the authorities of the Municipal Transit Secretariat, who did not detach from the last athlete and accompanied him to the finish line, and finally assured that the sports event will continue in 2025.

Source: Cuarto Poder