Migrant ‘Viacrucis’ Caravan leaves Chiapas and enters Oaxaca


This early morning, the migrant caravan departed from Arriaga, which had left on March 25th from Tapachula, in Chiapas.

The caravan has been on a journey for more than 15 days along the coasts of Chiapas, starting from this municipality in the so-called Migrant ‘Viacrucis’.

The group of migrants rested in the municipality of Arriaga and regrouped to continue their journey to the state of Oaxaca. They left on the morning of this Tuesday and continued towards the localities of Corazones and Chahuites in Oaxaca.

A large part of the caravan is made up of women, children, and some older adults from various countries in Central and South America.

During the journey, various aid corporations and local Civil Protection provided medical attention and first aid to the members. Most suffered from the high temperatures above 43 degrees, and some needed medical attention for heat strokes.

In the municipal capitals of these localities, emergency teams performed foot treatments on migrants who walked on the asphalt with temperatures above 40 degrees. Some did not need to be taken to a hospital but did need to be treated on the spot.

The migrant caravan will rest today in the locality of Corazones to restart its journey towards Chahuites and then towards Tapanatepec in Oaxaca this Wednesday.”

Source: Milenio