2024 Elections in Chiapas: They Seek to Govern the State Amidst These Challenges


Diana Alcaraz, head of information at MVS News with Luis Cárdenas, explained that the next governor, who will take office on December 8, will face the difficult task of restoring security.

In her collaboration for MVS News with Luis Cárdenas, Diana Alcaraz, head of information for that segment, highlighted the challenges faced by candidates for the governorship of Chiapas in the upcoming elections.

This Sunday, June 2, more than 4 million Chiapas residents registered on the electoral roll will go to about 6,000 polling stations to elect their new governor, as well as local deputies, councilors, trustees, and municipal presidents, in addition to federal legislators and the president of the Republic.

Who are the candidates to govern Chiapas?

There are three main candidates seeking to govern the state:

  • Olga Luz Espinosa Morales: from the coalition “Fuerza y Corazon por Chiapas”, formed by PAN, PRI, and PRD. She presents herself as a Chiapas native committed to the rapid progress and development of the state.
  • Eduardo Ramírez Aguilar: candidate of the “Sigamos Haciendo Historia in Chiapas” coalition, consisting of Morena, the Green Party, Chiapas United, RCPPCH, We Can Move Chiapas, Fuerza México, PES, and PT. He promises to continue with the development and progress.
  • Karla Irazema Muñoz: from Citizen’s Movement. She takes pride in the roots and indigenous peoples and aspires to build a prosperous and compact state.

The Challenges of Chiapas

The state, currently governed by Morena’s Rutilio Escandón, faces serious security and migration problems.

The entity, bordering Guatemala, has seen an increase in the flow of migrants seeking to reach the United States.

Moreover, violence generated by organized crime has escalated, with the Jalisco New Generation Cartel clashing with the Sinaloa Cartel, extending their dispute from the mountains to the jungle, the center, and the south of the state.

The situation is further complicated by the emergence of alleged self-defense groups seeking to end extortion, kidnappings, murders, and mass displacements.

Even President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has expressed his concern for security in the state, especially in this electoral process in which more than 15 people have been killed in armed attacks against candidates and their supporters.

The INE reported that the installation of 519 polling stations is at risk due to violence and political conflicts, a situation that has been dismissed by the National Palace.

According to the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, the entity recorded 379 violent deaths in the first quarter of 2024.

The next governor of Chiapas, who will take office on December 8, will face the difficult task of restoring security and order in a state marked by violence and political uncertainty.

Source: MVS Noticias