Chiapas: Among the states with the most extortion attempts against the elderly


Extortion has become one of the most prevalent crimes on the American continent, affecting people of all ages, including the elderly

Extortion has become one of the most prevalent crimes in the American continent, affecting diverse populations, including the elderly. Recent data reveal a worrying trend: 51% of extortion victims among older adults are women, with 60% of them between 61 and 70 years old, 32% between 71 and 80 years old, and 8% over 80 years old.

Common forms of extortion

Illegal collection

The most frequent form of extortion in Mexico is “illegitimate collection,” present in 22% of cases. This practice involves trying to collect a debt that really existed or imposing a fictitious debt. According to specialists, “one in five cases of attempted extortion against older adults has to do with illegal collection.”

Threats from alleged criminal groups

The second most common form of extortion, with 13% of cases, involves threats from alleged members of highly dangerous criminal groups, who demand money under the threat of causing harm.

False kidnappings

False kidnappings or virtual kidnappings constitute 5% of cases, while the payment of floor rights represents 1.7%. To a lesser extent, there are extortions based on false infidelities, which constitute 1% of reported cases.

Means used to extort

Most extortion attempts on older adults (86%) are made through phone calls, followed by WhatsApp (8%), other media or social networks (3%) and text messages (2%).

Risks and Prevention

Older adults who are victims of extortion run the risk of losing part of their assets if they give in to threats. However, 91% of cases remain just attempts, according to Dr. Guerrero Chiprés, due to greater awareness and caution when receiving certain messages.

Differences between extortion and fraud

It is important to distinguish between extortion and fraud. Fraud is an attempt to deceive, while extortion involves forcing someone to hand over something against their will.

Areas with the highest incidence

The incidence of extortion of older adults varies by region. In Mexico City, this crime has decreased significantly, while entities such as the State of Mexico, Jalisco, Puebla, Morelos and Chiapas report an increase in extortion attempts.

Recommendations to Prevent Extortion

To prevent extortion, especially in older adults, Dr. Guerrero Chiprés recommends:

Hang up immediately in case of suspicious calls.
Do not give in to the demands of the extortionists.
Report any extortion attempt.
These tips can help protect older adults from falling victim to these crimes and preserve their assets and well-being.

Source: elheraldodechiapas