Coffee growers in Chiapas forced to sell their products


Nearly 15 thousand families dedicated to this activity, from Mapastepec to Unión Juárez, are affected by this situation

Coffee growers in Chiapas are facing a severe crisis due to the low prices that companies charge for their product, according to Jaime del Toro, a coffee producer and representative of local farmers. The situation has become unsustainable for the nearly 15,000 families dedicated to this activity, which extends from Mapastepec to Union Juarez.

“The most serious problem is that companies do what they want with the farmers, charging them a very low price. We had to fight day after day to raise the price from 24 pesos to 33 pesos. However, many producers ended up selling at 24 pesos, which has left families without money to work on the next harvest,” explained del Toro.

Del Toro indicated that the situation is critical, and that the minimum price of coffee should be 40 pesos per kilo to cover costs and allow producers to survive throughout the year. “There are around 15,000 families, from Mapastepec to Unión Juárez, organized in more than 38 communities.

The coffee production season in Chiapas begins at the end of November and runs through January. Currently, producers are preparing the coffee plants and waiting for rain, since a drop in production due to weather conditions could worsen the economic situation.

“If prices do not adjust to a minimum of 35 to 40 pesos per kilo, people could abandon coffee production. The crisis is very strong and affects all coffee growers,” concluded del Toro.

The situation of coffee producers in Chiapas is a reflection of the difficulties faced by small farmers in the face of large corporations, and highlights the need for policies and actions that guarantee fair prices and sustainability for rural communities.

Source: elheraldodechiapas