Residents of San Cristóbal oppose the expansion of the Guadalupe walkway


Residents of the Guadalupe neighborhood, in the municipality of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, have once again clashed between those who reject or approve the expansion of the Andador Real de Guadalupe. They claim that this demonstrates the poor planning, the lack of transparency and the political use of the works that now divides, even more, the population of the neighborhood.

The dissatisfied population claims that this work could harm social coexistence among the settlers; they also claim that it would generate more vices and insecurity in the area, in addition to the alleged abuse of some owners who overvalue their properties. On the contrary, they state that there are other needs in the Guadalupe neighborhood, and in the city, that are urgent to attend to, such as public lighting, guaranteeing security and the supply of drinking water.

Source: meganoticias