Migrants are “human merchandise” for Narcos in Mexico


The Doctors Without Borders organization has documented cases in which migrants are kidnapped and forced to work for organized crime. 

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Organized crime in Nuevo Laredo kidnaps and enlists Central Americans who requested asylum from the United States and were returned to Mexico to await processing.

The Doctors Without Borders (MSF) organization has documented cases in which people who have been returned under the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP) are forced to work for criminal gangs.

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According to MSF records, 33 of the 44 people who received mental health care in October 2019 said they had been kidnapped in the previous seven days. An unprecedented statistic in six years of the organization’s work in Mexico.

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“They are merchandise for organized crime. We had an increase in the period that the kidnapping lasted, taking cases of people and families who were held for several weeks, while one or another family member was forced to work for the organization, “said Sergio Martín, MSF coordinator in Mexico. 

“Within our therapeutic consultation, the time in which the event lasted was reported, and in the narratives, he realized that the objective was to obtain money, many have relatives in the United States, and when that is not possible because they try to get something, it is when they are forced to work. “

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Nuevo Laredo operates the Northeast Cartel, a group emanating from Los Zetas.

The US State Department lists Tamaulipas with Level 4 violence, similar to that of Syria and Afghanistan, so it warns its citizens not to travel to that State.

Since July 2019, the Donald Trump government began sending asylum seekers to Nuevo Laredo to wait for their hearings there in US courts.

From that date to December, 11 thousand 770 migrants were sent to that city, of which, according to US judicial statistics, 4 thousand 763 are still waiting for their first hearing, 4 thousand 80 have already given up the process and 2 thousand 927 have come to more than one audience.

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The majority, 5 thousand 454, are of Honduran origin.

The Institute for Women in Migration (Imumi) recorded between September and October 2019, 418 reports of kidnappings of migrants returned to the different points where the MPP operates: Tijuana, Mexicali Ciudad Juárez, Piedras Negras, Nuevo Laredo, and Matamoros.

Source: el imparcial

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