Huatulco bars closed for refusing to implement hygiene measures


Bar owners disregard sanitary rules and disregard warnings

SANTA MARÍA HUATULCO, Oaxaca.- To guarantee compliance with emergency prevention measures due to the presence of COVID-19, the municipal authorities of Santa María Huatulco warned and closed three establishments that disregarded the provisions issued by the council and put them at risk. population health.

As part of the urgent sanitary measures that were implemented in Huatulco, and as a result of the security and surveillance tours carried out by various areas of the City Council in coordination with the National Guard, until last Sunday night three negotiations were closed that they did not comply with the calls of the authorities in the closure of establishments with non-essential activities to avoid the concentration of people.

Refuse to close and are closed

This was reported by Ana Isabel Vásquez Arteaga, the attorney general of the Huatulco City Council, who confirmed that after various warrants made to the owners of all kinds of businesses in the municipal jurisdiction, most of them complied with the recommendations and closed the premises, but There were those who ignored the warnings and this led to the closure of the negotiations.

“First we verify that they have operating, health and civil protection licenses. Subsequently, formal requirements are made and a deadline is given for compliance. In the event of non-compliance, the closure proceeds, also based on the operating hours due to the contingency, ”he explained.

Indefinite dry law apply

The official pointed out that along with the closure of stores such as bars, canteens, mezcalerías, botaneros centers, party halls, billiards, cinemas and religious services to avoid the capacity of people and the risk of contagions, authorities agreed in recent days to prohibit the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages due to the high incidence of fights on public roads, problems between neighbors, cases of domestic violence and other administrative failures that have occurred in the past two weeks.

Vásquez Arteaga noted that the review visits to businesses began on March 26 and after several reoccurrences, the closings began, which until now have resulted in a beer tank, a bar and party room closed for contempt.

Carriers comply with prevention measures

Likewise, he referred that the concessionaires and carriers have so far complied with the preventive measures proposed by the council for the protection of users, based mainly on the permanent cleaning of the units, the reduction to 50 percent of the total units in the service of taxis and urban, and in the case of microbuses and urban, the readjustment of the number of passengers to maximum 25.

Ana Váquez denied the rumor that a case of coronavirus contagion had been detected in a driver of the urban service traveling from Oaxaca to Huatulco, as it was irresponsibly spread on social networks; In contrast, he said, there is an orderly control with the carriers and users, to whom recommendations are made and their origin is asked, where they will spend the night and the length of stay in Huatulco.


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