Poll: Half of Mexico City knows someone with coronavirus


• POLL: Almost half of Mexico City residents (49%) knows someone who has contracted coronavirus, according to a new poll by Reforma newspaper. Accounting for 28% of the country’s cases, Mexico City (pop. 8.9 million) has long been the epicenter of Mexico’s coronavirus pandemic.

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• DEATHS: The survey also revealed that 36% of people in Mexico City knows someone who has died of coronavirus since the first known case appeared late in February. As of late Monday, Mexican authorities officially reported 20,235 coronavirus cases and 1,710 deaths in Mexico City.

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• ECONOMY: “Those who were interviewed prioritize avoiding a health crisis and prefer not yet to lift (sanitary) measures to resume activities to lessen the economic crisis”, according to Reforma newspaper’s polling department. Two thirds of Mexico City’s residents support maintaining lockdown.

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• COMPARISON: In late April, 60% of New York City residents said they knew someone who had contracted coronavirus and 46% knew someone who had died from it. At the time, New York City had 156,100 cases. Reforma’s poll was conducted via phone among 400 adults between May 21-23.

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Source: reforma.com

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